Forgiving the father.

Dear DaddyI forgive you Daddy, for what you did.And I love you Daddy for who you were.But, I can’t pretend that I still do not hurt.The ‘intellectual’ and ‘pastoral’ side of me understands.But the little girl is hurt.  The little girl still cries.  The little girl doesn’t understand.A little girl’s love interrupted … Innocence, crushed.I hurt, but I forgive.I was betrayed, but I forgive.I was abused, but I forgive.I carry that little girl around with me every day....more
I am just now reading this. Powerful, powerful poem, and helpful. I admire your courage. I have ...more

...and he signed the card SHMILY

Waking up on this Mothers Day, as I usually do the day that is set aside specifically for the “mothers”, I wasn’t feeling all that “happy” about it.  It has been a struggle to get my children to acknowledge Mothers Day to me, in the form of something  ‘tangible’.   A gift, a card…something!  It never happened.  Talking to’s about:   “if you don’t have any money to get me a card, use crayons, and “make” one!…year, after year, went unheard.  This year, I was determined not to let it bother me....more

Sexual Assault: Years Later, It Still Hurts

As a child, whenever you were outside playing and fell off your bike, or fell down as you were running down the block…chances are you ran inside crying, where your mom or dad would say: "What happened? Where does it hurt?" Chances are, a little antiseptic a Band-Aid and a hug (and a little nudge) to get back out there and play is enough to dry your tears and get back in the game. ...more
O very well said. All of it. Right on. And I am sorry you suffered this kind of abuse as a ...more


I think everyone who is living with HIV can remember with great clarity, the day they were diagnosed. I believe that even if you were in a drug/alcohol induced fugue, you still were able to remember that day....more
I remember that day!!! I was having trouble sleeping tonight and browsing the internet, I found ...more

"Lypo" and Me...

Sometimes I get my fill of people commenting on my weight, or rather, weight loss. I did something unusual. I took pictures of my body. Noooo...not those kind of pictures! :-) But pictures of my arms, my legs and my tummy, to educate the masses (or those of you who do not understand), what HIV/AIDS medications do to our bodies....more
I just want to say that I don't see your veins when I look at your photos. I see a beautiful ...more

Stop Poppin' That Thang!

Before I end my work day, and take it upstairs, I had a "Soul Train" moment.  Scrolling  through my FB timeline, I have been noticing this past year more that quite a few folks have been put in jail for knowingly not disclosing their HIV to others, and others becoming HIV +....more

Introduction: I Yam What I Yam (ya got it?!)

I have been around the "proverbial block of cyber-land" for many years now.  I remember when "Prodigy" was the one of the first online  services, the other was CompuServe.  I have belonged to many online groups AND a majority of online personals sites, and one of the first things they always ask is for you to provide a short intro about who you are.  It has always been a headache....more
I loved Popeye when I was a kid I would watch this movie over and over again. You are an ...more

Have You Never Been Mellow?

After running a few errands, I sat outside on my steps for a few minutes, taking in the folks walking by, waving ever so often - and even waved to a few honking cars and shouts of:  "Hey Pastor!", and I replied with my own 'shout-out':  Ha-ay!As I sat there, however, a couple ... a very young couple were approaching and they were in a heated argument.  She was a young woman (whom I know)....more

Love Those Wildwood Days!

I am so grateful for my vacation and time away for fun and the sun. We spent a few days on the shores of Wildwood New Jersey. I had much fun: braving the crazy rollercoasters (which scrambled my brains so bad, I had a headache for the longest afterward), and I even braved a scarey ride, which had little kids coming out with a smile on their face, while I on the other hand was scared to death. ...more

If you ask them what the best things were about living in Jersey, they'd include Wildwood in the ...more

Hello from Philly

just popping in to introduce myself by saying hello....fairly new pastor of a growing congregation in Philadelphia...hoping to meet new friends and experiences....   ...more

20 years sober - congratulations. That was a fantastic post.

Everytime I start ...more