Mean Kids Suck: Part Aaaaggghhhh!

I think I might be having an appendicitis attack. Or I am just all nerved up because I am so angry at a bunch of fifth grade girls who think it's OK to pick on a kindergartner. My kindergartner to be exact. Read more...    ...more

I think your friend is right - mean girls have mean moms.  I've heard some women talk to ...more

Mean Kids Suck.

Logan and I have a ritual every evening on our drive home from school. I ask him what he did at school that day and he proceeds to crab at me from the back seat. (It's very enjoyable.) ...more

Books Are Your Friend

When I was a little girl my dad used to bring me a new book home almost every single day. I was his favorite. (If Sassy was proofing this right now she would be rolling her eyes.) (I'm sure there has been the collective eye-roll among all seven of my siblings.) (They're jealous.) I would sit on my dad's lap each night after the evening news and he would read to me. Thus began my love for all-things-books. ...more

$23.00 Bedroom Makeover? Oh Yeah, Baby!

Tom and I were all alone last week. Logan was downstate with his grandma getting spoiled by his aunts Big, Red and Aquanetta. Seriously. He was sorely disappointed when he returned home and realized his life is not about WII, new sports jerseys, Build-a-Bear workshops, Chuckee Cheese and swimming at the Y. And snuggling up with grandma Jean every night. It seems his dad and I really do cramp his style. That's OK. He's been cramping ours for a few years too.   ...more

I wish my mom and dad still had their old rackets.

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Let's Get Fit

This afternoon I was minding my own business and proceeded to hurt myself. I was busy decorating Logan's bedroom thinking I was "all that" and failed to remember my girth. Which caused me to have a really stupid accident leaving me with some very painful gashes on my arm. I was embarrassed. Tom was home and came running to see if I was OK. I scrambled up as quickly as I could so that he wouldn't see me looking like a big ol' fat turtle on it's back, but I was hurting pretty bad. ...more

Gotta Love Free Stuff!

This week I've discovered two new tools photographers and novices can use for free photo editing. The two programs I have been playing with this week are Photoshop Express (PS) and the new Photo Editing tools in Photobucket (PB). I did some quick testing of both of these programs and found that I really liked both, but for different reasons. ...more

Sometimes All You Need is a "Come to Jesus"

We celebrated all weekend. We ate, drank, laughed, smoked candy cigarettes and played WII until the early hours. We were massaged, facial-ed, manicured and catered to. And the entire time I was unable to relax and enjoy my time with my sisters the way I wanted. ...more

This Girl is NOT Fat!

This week two of my faves-Dr. Melissa and Rachel Lucas-each wrote about Miss England contender Chloe Marshall. Chloe is beautiful, has a stunning smile and a gorgeous curvy body. She wears a size 16, which makes her a big fat cow according to some in the media. They're nice that way. ...more

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a size 16 was the average size of all models? ...more

What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid?

The Hotfessional posed a similar question last week: What would you do if you knew you WOULD NOT fail? That got me to thinking about Sassy pestering me back in my single days about what I would do if I wasn't afraid. I had become a bit of a magnet for men who were in love with themselves. Which is always buckets of fun for the girls they date. (Insert big fat eye roll here) Read more... ...more

Cooking With Sistah HB and her Kid: It's Breakfast Time

It's really important to me that my family start their day with a good breakfast. Tom used to think a good breakfast meant a waffle. A frozen waffle. Every. Single. Solitary. Day. I have since taught him to appreciate the beauty of good old fashioned oatmeal, eggs and toast and bran cereal. (I haven't been able to bring him around to Big Mama Jean's gravy and eggs or grits.) ...more