Make your Little Tikes Climber and other toys like new again with Armor All!

It's officially summer, if you have one of those Little Tikes Climbers or Slides or Tables that have been sitting in the back yard all winter they might be looking pretty sad. Here's how to bring them back to life and make them look brand new again. Wash it first really well with the hose and then let it dry and then use Armor All, yes I said Armor All, just...more

Make a Paste of Baking Soda & Lemon Juice to Eliminate Garlic & Onion Odors from your Hands

To eliminate odors like garlic and onion from your hands try making a paste of Lemon Juice and Baking Soda, rub together. You can also try a dab of table salt, the salt absorbs odors....more

Feces Tacos, Red Dye # whatever, and all the other food choices you beat yourself up about!

Facebook is a great tool to keep up with friends and relatives but sometimes it can just be a complete downer, here's why: I absolutely believe knowledge is power, when you know better you do better, and just because previous generations have been doing something doesn't always mean that it's right, but the constant barrage of posts from people"this is bad" "this has chemicals in it" "this has feces in it" "this has sugar in it" "gluten is evil" "corn is evil" "you are eating pesticides" starts to make you feel like you are the worst parent in the world. ...more

I save $6.97 by buying the big jug and refilling

We go through alot of soy sauce, I don't know why, I think we're salt addicted. Since we use so much I buy the larger jug at Costco and then I continue to refill the bottle with my little funnel. This jug refills the bottle 4 times, if I take the price I would have paid for 4  10oz bottles and subtract the amount I pay for the 1.2L jug, I end up saving $6.97. Every little bit counts!!!This can also work with other things, syrup, salad dressings, oil, sauces, just be sure the check the price per ounce....more

Priceless apology note from my 6yr old, wait it's not priceless it's actually .33 cents worth

One of those Mom moments that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time because it is so precious. I received this note and money from my 6yr old this morning as a peace offering after a big meltdown she had last night. I'll translate: "I am so sorry what I did yesterday" and .33 cents....more

Bratz-Bride of Chucky Guitar...whatever it is I swear it's alive!

My so called "friend" gives my daughter this guitar because her kids don't want it anymore (yeah right), I thought we were close until I brought home this &^%*%#$%^&&#@ guitar, first of all it's bratz, I am not a fan of bratz, they are supposed to be dolls for little girls but are completely inappropriate these dolls look like hoochies in stiletto heels with collagen lip injections. No offense if you are a bratz fan but I won't be buying anything from them....more

You can do it!!!! Make your own baking mix (Bisquick) from scratch!

Worried about the ingredients in your food? If you make it yourself you know exactly what's in it and you save money. I make my own baking mix (Bisquick), so easy and the pancakes turn out really yummy, and it's not just for pancakes, use this anywhere you would have used Bisquick.....rolls, dumplings, desserts. ...more

I never imagined in a million years before becoming a Mom that these things would come out of my mouth!

I wanted to share a few things that have come out of my mouth since becoming a Mother, things in a million years I never imagined I would say when I first held that little precious bundle in my arms. Welcome to Motherhood, tickets are non refundable.Did she poop today?How many times did she poop today?What color was it?Why is this wet?We only use the word poopoo when we are in the bathroom, everywhere else it's a bad word.(At the doctor's office) Yes I have that sample of ...more

Don't throw away crystalized honey, it can be saved!!!!!

After honey sits for a while, especially in someplace cool it usually gets hard and crystallizes and honey is really expensive right now so don't throw it away, just let it sit in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes and it will reliquefy. You can also try the microwave just be careful if it's in a plastic container like this one, the honey could melt the plastic. Another tip I love: If you need to measure a spoonful of honey or syrup, dip a metal spoon it hot water first, the honey or syrup won't stick to it. ...more

Is it ok, or not ok to cut the tags off mattresses? A humorous "discussion" between my Husband and I.

If you were at my house listening while my husband and I were having this conversation you would probably end up taking us to court and suing us for that 15 minutes of your life that was taken from you that you'll never get back. The last time was a couple months ago when we bought a new mattress and box spring for our 4 yr old daughter, she moved out of her toddler bed into a big girl bed, we are unwrapping the plastic and getting the bed all set up. Here's how it went down......more
Giggle. I like to take them off.  We left a tag on the ikea futon mattress we bought in ...more