When You Give a Mom a Moment

If you give a mom a moment, she is probably going to go sit on the couch.On her way to the couch she will probably step on a lego.As she doubles to the floor to check the damage on the bottom of her foot, she will probably notice the large dust bunnies that have accumulated under the couch.She will get a mop and clean the floors.When she is done cleaning the floors she will need a drink....more

A Little Love Story

A Little Story about LovePosted on November 6, 2013When my first son was born he was my one and only. (Well, Obviously). I had all of him and he had all of me. No distractions, no competition, just a mother and son and a whole lot of love....more

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honeycrisp Apples and Pecans

Hahahaha I like the talking fork.more

5 Tips for Toy Organization

It’s November 4th….how many of your Christmas lists are signed and sealed? Before we go dumping another boatload of toys into our once-was-a-dining-room-now-is-a-playroom, take a minute to assess the current situation. Our situation has not always been a good one. We had buckets of mismatched toys, missing pieces, broken, battered, and bruised….and, Manufacturers, if you are listening and want my kids to test the durability of your toy I can assure you it’s crap and my kids can break it…..(Apologies. Minor digression)....more