Finding home, leaving home,

Hey - I I found you looking up the phrase 'You're only as happy as you're saddest child'. Great ...more

Mixed post: best Mexican beans &rice recipe ever, TV, books&documentary reviews (&no mention of Miley or the VMA's, I swear;)

     I made excellent Mexican rice AND excellent homemade refried beans yesterday. I've been looking for a good recipe for both for about twenty years (not. kidding.) and I think I've lucked into a couple of Holy Grail's, recipewise. Both are cheap (important!) and easy (also! important!) and neither require any esoteric chef type techniques or ingredients.*the rice recipe:

A name is a name is a name? Yeah, no, not really.

@Denise Thank you for your kind comment. I swear I wouldn't know what to do with myself if not ...more

Dear Christian fundamentalists, neo-Nazis and homophobes:

       My transgender child is terribly, profoundly depressed. They shower in the dark so they don't have to see their body. They are sleeping round the clock and even worse, I'm of two minds about whether this is a bad thing. I mean, of course it is, they're missing out on life, but on the other hand, I know where they are.  More to the point, I know that they're safe, from themselves and from the ill deeds of others. ...more
Beautifully written. It is a mother's job to be strong and tough and brave in defense of our ...more

I went to my first PFLAG meeting. Nobody was there.

      I went to my first parent support meeting, i.e. PFLAG (  ...more
I have had this experience with other self-help groups - you finally get up the gumption to go, ...more

I avoided a car accident and I'm furious with myself. I NEEDED that accident.

  I narrowly avoided a car accident yesterday and I'm still angry about it. Strike that, I'm furious, enraged, apoplectic; I NEEDED that car accident. I've been WAITING for that accident. And my stupid, irritating reflexes saved me from that accident. Damn them to hell. ...more

Is your garden drowning in doodlebugs? I think I've won the bugger war (no apologies to OSC; he doesn't deserve it).

      You can call them pillbugs, or roly-poly's, or woodlice, or sow bugs (there's another kind that looks just like a doodlebug, but the bugs I'm talking about are the roll into a little ball kind). I've always felt quite friendly towards these little guys. You gently pat one, it rolls into a ball, it's non-stop good times for poor kids (at least it was for me). ...more

Giving Birth to a Unicorn: When Your Child Comes Out as Transgender

I thought I was liberal. I thought I'd evolved from the person I was in my youth: conservative, religious, and specific to this post, a hater of gays and lesbians. It's been a long and frequently shameful road to the person I am now (or the person I thought I was now). The person I am now truly believed that I was a good person, a someone who accepted the LGBT community wholeheartedly. ...more
Hello....I stumbled across this peice you wrote, about a week ago. I was up one late night ...more