Recreating The Baltimore Bomb (Chess Pie with Vanilla Fudge Cookies)

I've always enjoyed eating pies, but they've never consumed my daydreams the way cupcakes and macarons have. Perhaps its their rustic appearance and less portable/adorable packaging. Or perhaps its the added step of having to make pastry dough in advance (a pie without a homemade crust is not a pie worth making IMO). Either way, my thoughts rarely turn toward pie unless autumn's on the horizon ....more

Chocolate Guinness Stout Cupcakes with Baileys Frosting (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear readers! It's actually not a big day for P and me 'cause it's a bit like St. Paddy's Day every day around here (lol can you guess what P stands for now? =p). The joke started a few years ago when we went shopping at Old Navy close to a certain holiday. A cute green St. Patrick's Day tee was on sale, so I got it for him with the justification that he could wear it ...more

Sunday Favorites!

Wheek Wheek! (Carved Guinea Pig Cake with Tips)

I had a Work Hard, Play Hard kind of weekend and I'm gonna be honest with you, my body just can't bounce back like it used to in college! ...more

Modern Cake Decorating Tutorial with Edible Wafer Paper

Stunning Wedding Cakes (above and below) by Hey there, Cupcake! ...more

A Day Late OR 364 Days Early? (King Cake Cake Pops!)

I know Mardi Gras was technically yesterday, but can you really blame me for wanting to keep the party going? I made these King Cake^2 Pops for a birthday celebration at work today ....more

Tuesday Favorites

I'm a bit short on time today as I've got work work as well as some baking work to do tonight on top of being on the tail end of the cold/flu/sore throat thingamajig that ruined my weekend ....more

Latest Music Obsession (Tegan and Sara "Love They Say")

In light of some heavy news both P and I have gotten about our grandparents in the last few weeks as well as in light of Valentine's Day this week, I thought I'd post one of my favorite songs from the new Tegan and Sara album, Heartthrob, that's keeping me upbeat =). Hope you all had a great weekend! ...more

Sucré King Cake Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Sucré King Cake giveaway! The randomly selected winner is Athena of Athena Plichta Photography (comment #42)! Congrats and please look out for my tweet and email me your mailing address ASAP! ...more