There Is No Cure for Diabetes.

Celebrities sometimes use their power for good.  Like Kevin Kline.  His son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and Kevin has since been working with diabetes organizations to raise both awareness and funds for research towards a cure.  THAT is celebrity power used effectively.  His words, his efforts make a difference that is both poignant and tangible. ...more
Type 2 diabetes is reversible not type 1.more

Someone Else's Childhood: A Diabetic Discovers Eating for Fun

Recently, my husband and I went to a French restaurant to celebrate our marriage and our growing family. Since I was seven months pregnant, we didn’t crack open any bottles of wine during this dinner, but instead decided to indulge on a delicious fruit plate with chocolate fondue, which included white chocolate and hazelnut dipping sauces on the side. “What is this stuff?” I asked, easing my strawberry into the small dish of hazelnut spread. ...more

No One is Perfect

A few weeks ago, when I was gearing up to hear my A1C results, I admitted freely that the wedding stress of eight month ago really left it's mark on my numbers. And over that weekend, I received several emails from people that said, "Me, too! I have trouble lowering my A1C too, but every step towards my goal is a step in the right direction!" I also received emails just wishing me some luck on controlling these numbers. ...more

Wild (PR) Pitches

Dear PR WonderKids, Everybody wants to get their products mentioned on the leading blogs in their target blogosphere, and I know it's part of your job to comb through social media outlets and find places for your clients to be showcased.  I admire your tenacity and your understanding of the impact that blogs and social networking sites possess. BUT. ...more

Hi Kerri,

I cannot thank you enough for this piece of advice!  Most of it common sense ...more

December Dental Woes

In many ways, I'm an adult. I am married. I have a job. I am responsible (to a certain extent) and I make the bed without being asked. This makes me a grown up, I think. However, I'm scared of the dentist, and the idea of going for something as simple as a routine cleaning makes me tremble like a child. ...more

It's all about finding the right dentist!  Glad you're on the mend!!


Getting Ready For Baby?

As soon as my husband and I returned from our honeymoon in May, the questions started. "So when are you going to have a baby?" "Is it baby time yet?" "How 'bout them Red Sox ... and are you pregnant yet or what?" ...more

We just got married in Aug and are getting the same questions. I've been hearing about a lot ...more

But What If I Don't WANT To Be Rail Thin?

Beauty benchmarks seem to be measured in what size pants you fit into and what designer hand bag you have draped over your rail-thin arm. This is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. In my life. ...more

I was skinny once recently. This miracle happened for the 12 weeks after I was hospitalized ...more

World Diabetes Day

Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day (WDD). WDD was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization as a response to the rising rate of diabetes diagnoses across the world. In 2007, the UN passed the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution and made November 14th World Diabetes Day. Today, the attention of the world is turned to diabetes. Funny. It's been a focus in my life for the past twenty-two years. ...more

It's nice to see you posting here after meeting you briefly at BlogHer Boston.

Kalyn ...more