Perfection Times Two

There’s a reason why so many marketing dollars are thrown at ad campaigns portraying Moms as exhausted ladies looking for something...more

Bye-Bye Bibs & Blankets

Hey, know what’s bittersweet? Watching a baby turn into a toddler who can no longer be wrapped in...more

My Husband Almost Lost An Eye So You Can Win Stuff!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored...more

Stop Looking At Me, Swan

Walking down the aisle on my Dad’s arm, en route to my would-be husband, I was sweating. It wasn’t the muggy July air, the church’s ancient air conditioner, or my 40-pound dress. It was the anxiety of ALL EYES ON ME ....more

The Parenting Manual They Said Didn’t Exist

What is that boy thinking?! OMG. Why can’t I get through to her?! ...more

This is What a Decade of Us Looks Like

10 years, 521 weeks, 3,650 days. A decade. I’m not sure what a decade of marriage looks like anywhere else, but around here, it looks a lot like three kids and two dogs a strict family budget ohmygod relax dinnertime trivia an obsessively landscaped lawn dog hair all over the floors full calendars and fuller […] The post This is What a Decade of Us Looks Like appeared first on WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion ....more

I blinked & you turned 7

Soaking in the tub, timing contractions, my enormous belly an island jutting out of the water. I loved every day...more

Oh, potty training, how I have NOT missed you

Hey, you know what’s really great, and by great, I mean “makes me want to scoop out my eyes with a rusty spork?” Potty training a small human. All the experts tell us to look for SIGNS OF READINESS like dry diapers in the morning or mini-tantrums when one soils herself, but here’s some inside […] The post Oh, potty training, how I have NOT missed you appeared first on WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion ....more

Just Keep Swimming

My 6-year-old is arguing because he is right and I am wrong. My 4-year-old is whining because today is not her birthday. My 2-year-old is screaming because she no longer fits inside...more

2016 Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh Videos Are Here!

Once we choose our cast, which is a...more