A Unique Infertility Support Opportunity

Kristen Magnacca, notable author, speaker and consultant is joining Dr. Robert Kiltz to offer a very special support opportunity to the fertility patients at CNY Fertility Center. Dr. Rob is sponsoring a 3 Part Series of Workshops on Love & Infertility with Kristen as the presenter, these will take place during the months of October, November and December 2008. Kristen will come to Syracuse, NY each month (she lives in Cape Cod, MA with her husband and 2 children) to present each workshop and then will offer e-mail and phone support from out of town in between the workshops. Read more about Kristen and the work she does on her website. ...more

More than just a Fertility Doctor

The CNY Fertility Center opened its doors for business in 1997. Dr. Kiltz and the CNY Fertility Center have helped to create over 4000 babies since then. In the summer of 2007 the Center held a zoo party at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and invited all of their patients to attend. It was such a huge hit that they decided to hold another one this past June 2008 and may continue to do so yearly. There were 2 little girls Annemarie and Margaret in charge of handing out stuffed animals at the zoo party and had so much fun with all of the CNY Fertility Kids that they asked Dr. Kiltz if they could start a Kid’s Club. Of course his response was “YES!” Dr. Robert Kiltz and the CNY Fertility Center are more than just a doctor and his staff ... they are a community. ...more

PCOS and Nutrition

  At the CNY Fertility Center in Syracuse, NY we have a montly PCOS Support meeting. In September's meeting the Registered Dietitian at CNY Healing Arts Center, Heather Neely, spoke about PCOS and Nutrition. She covered alot of topics ranging from good carbs vs. bad carbs, Omega-3 DHA, night time snacking and much more. If you have PCOS and would like to watch the video footage from this support meeting visit MindBodySmile.com here. It was a very informative meeting and many of the topics are helpful in a general nutritional sense. ...more

Infertility Support

Coping with infertility is a difficult experience, and it is important to understand that you are not alone. There are women and men across the globe dealing with the very difficult problem of not being able to have a child for a myriad of reasons. Many doctors in the fertility business are purely about medical assistance and treatment. ...more

Dr. Robert Kiltz and Infertility

I have been working with Dr. Robert Kiltz for a couple of years on his websites and most recently more intimately on some promotional projects. He has an amazing way with his patients. He founded the first successful IVF clinic, over ten years ago, in Syracuse, NY at his CNY Fertility Center. In 2007 he opened the doors to a holistic healing center to use as a support to his western medical practice, CNY Healing Arts Center. ...more