The Things I'll Miss

Josie is getting more independent every day.  She doesn’t want to snuggle as much, she isn’t  my “shadow” anymore and plays independently or with her friends, hell, I even send her upstairs to get dressed by herself....more

Losing It.

No, not my sanity… though judging from the sheer quantity of gray hairs that are rapidly appearing, it’s not going to be long before that goes too.  No, I’m talking about FAT, people. Yes, this is the post I’ve been loathe to write since I started this blog, but since it’s almost as much a part of my identity as my kids are, I guess I should just do it and be done with it....more

Victorious! Tales from the Potty Trenches.

Potty training.  Those  two words can break a mom or dad.  It’s one of those things that goes either incredibly easy or incredibly wrong, and you never know which side of the fence your kid is going to fall on....more