Ask to see a license - Especially if you are part of a vulnerable community..

We hired an "In Home Family Therapist", to help adapt to a diagnosis recently given to our youngest daughter.  (At least that's what he called himself)...more

Passing, on Hormone Replacement Therapy

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength.” August WilsonI'm living and enjoying this quote, lately.......more

My blissful Sunday

The boys went to Stumptown 2011, while us girls stayed home and laid around. Even though we talked a LOT about the trickle affect of co-dependency, it was the best Sunday I've had with my girls in a long time. Especially, Alyssa... We had our first family therapy session, last Friday. I was surprised to see my daughter open up as much as she did. I was peace with her spilling whatever came to her mind. I truly want to change things in my family, and of course...making it impossible for her to not want make changes, as well....more

Mom 1, PMDD 0

I feel like this is the calm before the storm. I keep waiting for the blast. I mean it's coming, right? It hasn't failed me a month yet!!! What's it? Oh, let me introduce you to period. Surprised she didn't rip your head off or mine, for not putting her first. On to serious business...I am deep in to the last week of my cycle and it is noticeably lurking in the shadows. So unlike any other month, I'm calling this bitch out. And it's bearable. My kids haven't noticed "it's" presence. That's the best fucking feeling, ever. For April : Mom - 1 and pmdd - 0. ...more

ADD & my "Tween"

When my youngest son was born, I knew I was IN LOVE with this kiddo!  We bonded, immediately.  And almost immediately, I got a sense that this little guy was really going to have an impact on my life..maybe, more so than his older brother and sister.  Though equally impactive, Kode was non typical.  I mean, he met all milestones as a toddler and is physically healthy.  Yet, something just kept gnawing at me.  ...more

PMDD: Similar to bipolar, but very different

I am not a Dr..just a wife, mother, daughter and friend that suffers from severe PMS/PMDD. I read once, where PMS and PMDD were likened in the same sense that a mild headache is to a migraine. (Or something like that...)...more
REading this, and while it's helpful in that you show a case of misdiagnosis and how PMDD and ...more

Handy Manny, goes down! Please check out this video!  :)Our sweet boy suffers anxiety. He's from a broken home and our vet thinks he's been abused. :( We've been trying to teach him not to be afraid, but most of all..not to be so needy. He and I played chicken, today. I said lay next to me, he says I lay on your lap? I won! His reward was my lap, so I guess he won....more

Anticipation, My story about P.M.D.D

I was first diagnosed with PMDD in 2000.  (Shortly after my third child was born)  At the end of every cycle, I was out of control!  Crying, yelling, worrying, screaming...and should I mention the physical symptoms?  Okay..Headache, tender breasts, severe cramps, backache, nausea, bloated.  I read an article that stated 40% of women have PMS...take 8% of those women, and you've got PMDD....more
PMDD.. The monster inside me. I too know the hell it causes each and every single month. The ...more

Autism, 1 year later...hang with me, I am long winded tonight

Lily was diagnosed with moderate to high functioning Autism on January 14, 2010.  ...more

Social Disabilites & Me

Thanks! Wow, a comment already. Ok, I'm sold...a blogger, I shall be. :Dmore