History of Architecture: Analysis and Synthesis Through Visual Notes | Paper Abstract

Drawing by Jackie McDowell. I am posting the first of a series of samples of student work from the exhibit  History of Architecture: Analysis and Synthesis Through Visual Notes....more

NABLOPOMO HERE WE GO! The Flaneur Lives (and gets published)

It is that time again. November First-ish, and like every November I will try to join the marathon of Nablopomo, and maybe even Nanowrimo. I have failed so far in my previous attempts to post everyday, and while i know that the definition of madness is doing the same thing expecting different results, every November finds me with renewed hope. I have good news today....more

Beyond right and Wrong: The Mystics


Boulevards are Poems: Drink in Ideas

Sketching at Bassam II {and two poems}

 Sketching at Bassam II {and two poems}November 5, 2011 by sketchbloom  | Edit...more

Beauty of the Rain {Paris Days}

 Beauty Of the Rain {Paris Days} November 4, 2011 by sketchbloom  | Edit...more

Dialogues in an Echo Chamber

 Fill in the blanks. Ink on Miquelrius paper. October 2011. ...more

Calling All The Heavens {Paris, 2011}