Proud of My Kid...*ahem* Dog

 I always used to hear stories from parents that thought their kids were the best thing since sliced bread: the most smart, the most awesome, the most athletic, the most popular and I always rolled my eyes at these parents. Well, I used to……… until I became one of those parents....more
He's really that great?more

Caddy’s Favorite Things

Oh to be a dog. I know people often wish they could get into an animal’s head to see what they are thinking. Are they truly happy? Do they think they have a good life? With Caddy, I don’t believe it is necessary to get inside his head. I feel confident that these answers are yes. Yes, not just because I spoil him, but because Caddy always has some of his favorite things available to him....more

Being Comfortable In My Own Backyard

I am not a vain person. Nor am I fashion forward, conscious, or an –ista. In fact, I have been known to tape together my clothes if there is a particularly obnoxious hole in it and sewing is not available. Some people call it cheap, I call it thrifty. This being said, I wasn’t one that went without a bra, ventured to wear coverless spaghetti straps, or be in public with completely crazy tangled hair. Not that there is anything wrong with this and if you do these things then power to you, that just wasn’t me....more

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie....or Stand....

I don’t know about you all and your dogs but mine does not sleep like I would think a dog would sleep. For example, his favorite sleeping position is with his back half on the couch and the front legs on the floor, and head on a hard surface....more
Awwww! Haha!more

Am I the Crazy Dog Lady?

I was never an animal person growing up. Didn’t like em, didn’t want em, could live without them most definitely. That all changed when I got my husband Caddy as a birthday present. I immediately fell in love with Caddy's personality, his cuteness, and how cuddly he was. But how far is too far?...more
You don't love your dog too much. You love Caddy just enough.more

Short Post: Sundays

Sundays: for finishing chores, preparing for the week, family/friend dinners, generally relaxing….unless you live with Caddy. ...more

Caddy wishes you all Happy 4th!

Good ol’ ‘Merica day….the 4th of July. A time to BBQ, hang with family and friends, blow up things, drink some adult beverages……and scare the bejezus out of my dog....more

Playing Dead...and Embarassing Me

Caddy “plays dead” A LOT. I’m talking a good 50% of his life is spent on his back, and legs splayed open.                        ...more

The Dog that Thinks He is a Human

My Dog Caddy: I wanted to start my blog with showing how much I treat my dog like a human. To be fair, I honestly think a part of him believes he is one....more
I finally found someone whose dog thinks he is human. My girl Myrka does the same thing as ...more