The Ethics of Concierge Medicine

For those of you too young to remember, Marcus Welby, M.D. was a TV show that began its seven-year run in 1969 and starred Robert Young as a family practitioner with a kind heart and superb bedside manner. The doctor epitomized the type of doctor that is now a thing of the past: The patient, unhurried professional who sat and talked to patients for as long as was necessary, not only to understand the patient's symptoms and complaints, but to understand the whole patient. The type of doctor who would come to you if you were too sick to go to the doctor. The type who could practically heal you with just a touch. For many of us, this type of doctor wasn't a privilege -- it was a right. This is the type of doctor we wish we had today. ...more
Thank you for sharing this article.  My own PCP is moving to this model.more

Why You Should Drink Tea

I'm a coffee drinker. But if you looked in my kitchen cabinet to the left of my refrigerator, you'd think I was a tea addict. The shelves are bursting with every variety of tea imaginable; some popular brews such as chamomile and jasmine, and some others you may not have heard of, such as Yerba Mate and Matcha. And there they sit, virtually undisturbed, unless a tea drinker comes to visit. ...more

I'm SUCH a big coffee drinker, especially since I've been watching Lorelai Gilmore lust after it ...more

What Your Urine Can Tell You About Your Health

Last night, I grilled up a huge pile of asparagus. No one else in my family likes the vegetable, and since it's one of my favorites, I ended up eating most of it. (There's a little left over, which I plan on throwing into an omelet tonight.) And this morning, when I visited the bathroom, I was reminded that I might have eaten a bit much. ...more

Due to my kidney disorder, I'm hyper-aware of changes in my urine. Thanks for taking the time to ...more

Is Your Marriage Affecting Your Health?

As far back as the late 1800s, epidemiologist William Farr studied the condition of marriage on people's health in France by dividing the adult population into three separate categories: the married, the celibate (those never married) and the widowed. When he analyzed the relative mortality rates of all three groups at various ages, the epidemiologist found the death rates of the unmarried to be much higher in proportion to the marrieds, with the widowed faring worst of all. ...more
Good, thought-provoking stuff. I'm constantly amazed by how hard marriage really is, especially ...more

Do You Need One? Making Sense of the New Mammogram Guidelines

People often ask me why I had a mammogram when I was just 34. Back in 1998, many doctors were advising women to have their baseline done by age 35, although it more commonly was done closer to 40. I'm fortunate that I listened to my doctor's advice, since my very first mammogram detected a cancer that might have gone undetected had I waited. ...more

Great article. #wwomore