A Week of Medieval Pestilence

Not to many weeks ago in the Sky Cloud household, we were treated to a week of medieval pestilence on a rather extraordinary scale. First came the nits, then the worms, then the pox, and then to top it all off, a nice friendly dose of Impetigo....more

Don't Call me Darling After all...

You may remember a previous instalment of this wonderful blog wherein yours truly pondered the pet-name, 'darling'. In that post, I came to the conclusion that actually, it was kind of okay to be called darling by a young man with a beautiful accent when on a supermarket shopping trip. It turns out, that there are some very precise and exact conditions under which I am prepared to be refereed to in this way... ...more

Ten ways you know you are an adult at last...


Do Call Me Darling...

Do Call Me Darling... I had cause to think about the term 'darling' today whilst on a rare child-free trip to the supermarket (see how your mind is free to roam and consider all sorts of good stuff without the shackles of 'don't run', 'watch that trolly', 'no you can't', 'no she/he didn't', and my favourite: 'put it back'?!)....more

My Summer in Numbers

My Summer in Numbers  Well, the end is nigh, the evenings are drawing in and the morning is less retina-startinglingly bright. I don't know about you but I've had a tremendous summer and what better way to celebrate it than with a numerical list of cool stuff in no particular order?1. Accidental and drunken fringe cut (and actually, I love it!)...more

Parenting Strategy Number 57

I have a boy (Thing 1) and a girl (Thing 2). They are lovely in every way possible: adorable, big brown eyes, charming accents and get on with each other (most of the time). As the mother of a boy, there are certain unspoken rules of death-defying derring-do that it turns out apply more to my girl... The first of which is when watching child about to jump off the top of one of those red and yellow cars (you know the one!), think to yourself 'could I explain this in A and E without shame?'. If you can, let child proceed - no quicker way to learn. If you can't, quickly re-direct child......more

New Book Joy!


Things I Know to be True

 Whilst I think I enjoy pretty good health at the moment, a recent Vitamin D deficiency diagnosis, the scary incident with my back, fast greying hair, and ground-down teeth that are testament to my stress levels have all proven to be the not-so gentle reminder that the time is now, to quote the under-appreciated Moloko. I am 35, old enough to feel scared witless by losing my income. Old enough to have produced two very delightful but cash burning children, and young enough to make a career change. I think. ...more