Rental car seats, rental cars, and taxis - putting our kids at risk?

Pssst... have you ever done it? The blogs are hopping about renting car seats, and the consensus seems to be: if you have any choice in the matter, never rent a car seat. Parents report receiving old, dirty, and potentially unsafe car seats when they have rented infant and toddler seats from rental car companies. And we're not just talking about an isolated incident, or one rental company. ...more

Return your BPA baby bottles for a refund!

BPA is quite a hot topic in the news these days. Sales of glass baby bottles and metal sippy cups are skyrocketing as parents rush to replace their BPA-laden bottles, cups, soothers and plastic tableware with safer alternatives. And although no one wants to compromise the safety of their children, some people are finding it difficult to find the money to replace so many of these items. But if you live in Canada, you can get a refund for many of these items. Yes, that's right, a refund. ...more

Kid stuff: Chemicals in baby products and what do do when your child goes nuts with a marker

As most of you have heard by now, Canada has declared the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) a toxic substance, and plans to ban the use of the chemical in baby bottles. In my opinion, this is a positive step, although BPA is still used in many other plastic children's products (sippy cups, soothers, teethers, toys, dishes and utensils...). ...more