I love our family

We were exchanging cards this evening when the blond twin said, "I love our family." It was the best Valentine's Day gift ever in a day full of fun Valentine's Day moments ....more

Who needs a nap?

Overheard while driving...Blond twin:  "Four hour naps? Who needs a four hour nap?"Mommy: "Oh, you know truck drivers need to sleep a bit or sometimes people just need some place to rest for a while." ...more

We are not that poor

The brunette twin told me she needed shirts. She had just a few that fit and she said she wore the same ones over and over. I asked her why she didn't say anything earlier. She said, "You're always saying we don't have extra money so I didn't want to say anything." At that point the blond twin chimed in that she needed jeans. She had one pair that was too small. ...more

Daddy on his own

Tonight was the girls' Father/Daughter event. In the past my Dad always went with Daddy to escort the girls to the Father/Daughter dance. It was good because there was one of them to dance with each girl. It was also good because Grampa liked to dance. When Daddy didn't want to, Grampa was happy to dance ....more

Creature of habit

Every morning when we get back from walking the girls to school, Oreo drinks his entire water bowl and stands by the patio doors. If I don't get there quickly enough he walks over to me, stares for a bit and then walks back to the patio door. After a while I check on him to make sure he hasn't wrap his tie-up around the tree or snacking on the garden. For some reason he likes to eat leaves off ...more

Doing double duty

We have these great recliners we bought for our back patio. They are so comfortable I often work outside just to enjoy the chairs. These chairs are big and sturdy. We want to enjoy them for a long time so in the winter we put them in the living room. They sit in front of the TV the girls use for their Wii. ...more

Unhappy with her increasing dependence

Today is my Mom's birthday. While we're celebrating another year, she's unhappy about her increasing age. ...more

Winter mess everywhere

We are in the middle of our annual winter mess. There are boots and towels and winter gear everywhere. It's not like we don't know it's coming. Every summer we make moves not to end up with a winter mess. Two years ago we added extra large area rugs in the foyer and the family room to corral all the winter boots. This eliminated using all our towels on the floor to keep all the wet boots organized ....more

Nine at nine

The girls have been begging us to let them go to bed later. During the school week the blond twin talks about what time her classmates go to bed. She discusses every mention of bedtime in class, Girl Scouts, church, etc. She monitors this like a detective ....more

Off the One Direction concert schedule

The girls are One Direction crazy, just like every other tween girl I know. One Direction is going to be in concert near us this summer. Last summer I took the girls to see Big Time Rush. It was fun and the girls had a great time. I decided to take a look at tickets to see what might be available on the resale market and how much it would cost. ...more