it's in the name

Hello.  I am greeting you.  Yes you.  In the sweat pants.  Eating the pickel.  Listening to music.  Sitting by a fan.  Today a friend on facebook updated his status to inquire what his friend's thoughts were on Instagram.  So, I'll go there, but not with my first response.  I said something on the wall, something hip, then messaged him.  I asked if he knew Monet, the artist. The famous painter? Yes!...more

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     I hear from my guy friends that drew berrymore is hot.  They like her appearance, and she may have tried to set an ex's house on fire.   This is just what I hear.  But her movies don't come around too often.  Unlike Cameron Diez and Jennifer Aniston who light up the screens with thier smiles, their eyes, and their... etcetera.  I ask, are their looks keeping, or are they practically preserved?  I have always swayed my prefrance of actress towards the once child actress....more