When I Was 10, I Paid the Bills

It started when we -- my mother, brother, and I -- moved into an apartment. Up until that point we'd been living with my grandmother, and my mother hadn't had to be financially responsible for nearly ten years. (In truth, she'd never had to be financially responsible. In truth, she'd never had to be responsible.) She'd divorced my father and come to live with her mother, and there we'd stayed, through weeks that unnoticed and unmarked turned into months, then years. ...more
Wow, what an amazing article. I didn't deal with handling the money at a young age, and I ...more

Boys Have Body Image Issues, Too

Eight looks down at his legs, made pale and shimmery by the bath water.  He frowns.  "See my legs, here?" he asks.  And he points to his thighs, squeezes a bit of flesh.  "I do see them," I say."They are fat," he pronounces, certain as a policeman who stands, arms crossed, at your car door and demands your license.I protest.  "They are NOT.  At the doctor's you're always in the fiftieth percentile for weight -- just where you should be." ...more

I might be getting close to a...more teary time of the month...but this made me cry. It might be ...more