Why I Let My Adopted Preschoolers Nurse

A few days after we arrived home from Ethiopia as a family of four, I was sitting on the couch with one of my daughters when she stuck her hand down my shirt. I thought she was being playful at first, but it soon became clear she was reaching for my breast, wanting to nurse. I didn’t know what to do. My initial reaction was to gently pull her hand away and redirect her; after all, there was no milk there, and my four-year-old daughter is obviously not a baby. But I stopped myself, and here’s why…...more

Does Motherhood Change Friendship?

When I got married, a number of my single friends assumed they'd barely see me anymore. 'That's what happens," one friend said. "You get married and friendships change."Not with me....more

Judging Childless Women

When you meet a childless woman, what do you think? Do you automatically assume she is less happy or more selfish or missing something? Or do you secretly wish you could have her life?...more