One Month Shy

My Dearest Alice, Eleven months. As I type this you are lying on the floor next to me eating your bottle. Ok, you are playing with it and waving at me and kicking your feet and making all sorts of chatting noises ....more

I’m Depressed, Not Moody

I’m having a hard time. For the past month I have been having some pretty rough bouts of depression, mostly brought on by long periods of time shut up in the house alone with my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love those crazy wiener kids of mine, but refereeing quarrels and having a whiny baby follow me around while I get nothing done wears on me, as I suspect it would anyone ....more

Family Adventures!

Winter in Michigan means being indoors a LOT. Typically January in Michigan means feet of snow keeping us in; this year that is not so much the case, but it has been pretty yucky. In fact, yesterday it rained on the snow that is already on the ground ....more

If We Had Eleventy Billion Dollars

We didn’t buy any lotto tickets in the crazy frenzy of the giant jackpot last week. The buzz did spark some fun conversations at work and home though. Someone asked me what I would do first if I won, and I immediately thought of books and my classroom wish list ....more

perfect 10

My dearest Alice Katherine, You turned ten months old this past week. ...more

What I Read: 2015

Somebody (I don’t remember who anymore, sorry!) asked me for a post of all the books I read in 2015. Since I’m on Goodreads, I like to do the yearly challenge. Last year I set my goal at 25 books ....more


Lots of people like to choose one word for the new year. The idea is that that one word guides your whole year. I have never participated because all the words people choose–things like courage, love, hope, inspiration, etc–feel sort of cliche and not very applicable to me ....more

The Year for #floorsleeping

This year brought us Alice, and Alice brought with her #floorsleeping, a hashtag Cortney and I use every time we post a picture on Instagram of our sweet girl completely knocked out…on the floor. Our boys have never done this, so we are amazed each time she does it. Today I was looking back through my Instagram feed and thought that I really need to post all those pictures here ....more

2015 In Review

Ah the end of the year. Time to look back and then turn our faces toward the new year and our future. This is what 2015 looked like in Sluiter Nation… ...more

From Us To You…

Merry Christmas! ...more