Summer Out, Fall In

Oh Summer of 2015, what a mixed bag of emotions you have been. My time “off” started March 5–the day before Alice was born. Summer break officially started June 5 after I picked Eddie up from his last day or Kindergarten and Charlie up from daycare ....more

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Confession: I started this book and thought two things: 1) I like books that make me feel good about my Spanish and 2) this book is going to take a lot of brain power. I started this book for no other reason that I want to read more non-white authors and many readers I respect (who read the “literature” on top of just other stuff) rated this one highly. I also started it one day on the deck in the sun in my favorite reading spot ....more

The Splash Pad

My best friend sat next to me Friday afternoon as our kids played in the local splash pad. Months had passed since we last saw each other and the only communication we have had was some texts back and forth and sending each other ridiculous pins on Pinterest. We don’t talk weekly on the phone, or even via text ....more

Netflix and Dinosaurs and Trucks

Ah, the smell of fall is in the air today. I am seeing lots of back to school pictures filling up my Facebook feed. Eddie’s teacher letter came in the mail today making him ALL excited that he needs a pencil box for first grade ....more

Where My Writing Is…

In case you missed it, I have a few articles floating around the internet… This month at the Educator’s Room, I’ve posted about what all teachers should be reading this summer, and it’s not just “teacher books”! I also put on my serious, political pants and talked about the very real feeling that there is a conspiracy against public education among politicians. With school starting, I wrote about the important task of creating safe spaces for kids in our classrooms ....more

Me Before You

This was a book I didn’t think I really wanted to read, but I caved to the pressure. I was...more

Her First is My Last

Just this week Alice got a tooth. Ok, it’s not all the way through yet, but the little ridged top is. When she laughs, I can see it ....more

Getting Ready for Back to School

It’s that time of year again…back to school! I started thinking about this all the way back in June when I was technically “done” with ...more

It Was A Sunday…

It was a Sunday ten years ago. I’ve told the story over and over. Sometimes with lots of details ....more

This Is Where We Live

We are lucky to live where we do. Michigan has some of the best beaches ever…and I say that having seen both the Atlantic and the Pacific. I definitely prefer fresh water and the clean beaches here ....more