The Trouble with Kindergarten

Being away from each other all day is not new. Since he was three months old, Eddie has been in someone else’s care other than mine. Yet I miss him more this year than I ever have ....more


Today is super exciting…even for a Monday! In the spring, I was excited to announce that I was published in...more

Project 365 {week 37}

So this summer I forgot to take pictures every day because the first trimester had me couch-bound and nauseous. This week I forgot a few days because ZOMG BUSY! For instance I didn’t take a picture on Sunday, September 7 ....more

Launching the Reader’s Workshop

Last school year I had a vision: I wanted every one of my seniors...more

Project 365 {week 36}

Along with starting school this week, I was finally able to let the rest of the world know about my pregnancy. It was like a HUGE weight lifted. While we were busy busy busy this week, it was a great one ....more

even more changes

I’ve mentioned that there is a THING that has been really blocking my writing lately as well as making life, well, a bit difficult for me lately. We’ve known about this THING since July 5: Because of my history of miscarriage, we kept it quiet from most people other than family and very very close friends until August 1st when we saw this: At 8 weeks, healthy as can be with a heartbeat of 177. And then we were still quiet because I wanted to tell my new principal before he found out via the social media grapevine ....more


Dear Eddie, Today you start Kindergarten. We have been talking about it for months. You have vacillated between super excitement to absolute tears of nervousness ....more

Project 365 {week 35}

This week was back to work for me, the last week of daycare EVER for Eddie, and a test of how grumpy mornings will be around here starting this week. August 24: This is my view from the couch. I am so over this view ....more

Netflix and Kindness

Eddie and I have been talking a LOT about the new school year. ...more

Rare Bird {book review}

I must be in a memoir and memoir-style mood. After reading the fictionalized memoir of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, I read a very real memoir by a good friend who lost her 12-year old son Jack in a freak accident. Anna is the writer behind...more