The Baptism

Growing up we had lots of traditions, most ridiculous. My family is famous for saying to each other, “come on! It’s tradition!” Any outsider who hears it usually thinks we are crazy people because we are talking about things like Tootsie Pops at the cottage or decorating Christmas cookies as full-grown adults ....more

What’s My Age Again?

Today is my birthday and I am thirty-seven years old. I have a lot of friends who hate to be reminded of how old they are, avoid telling people their age, and don’t draw attention to their birthdays. But neither my birthday nor my age make me feel old ....more

Netflix for Maternity Leave

I am currently sitting in our big leather chair, a baby snoring quietly on my ...more

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Dear Alice, You are seventeen days old today, just over two weeks. Looking back that seems both fast and slow. I can’t believe two weeks has already gone by, yet it seems like you’ve just always been part of the family ....more

Five Reasons to Love Cloud B

When Charlie...more

The Magic of Three

Dear Charlie, Today you are THREE! I know things have been a little crazy and your birthday has been sort of part of a whole whirlwind of “events” around these parts, but I wanted to make sure you know how special your day is to me. We maybe be focusing a lot on Alice right now and on mommy resting and getting better, but you have been on my heart a lot ....more

The First Days

We have been a family of five for five days. Last night Cortney and I sat close on the couch, holding hands. Alice was snoozing in her rock n play and Eddie and Charlie were lying on the floor with a pile of pillows and blankets watching Curious George before bed ....more

‘Twas The Night Before Alice

Dear boys, Tomorrow is the day. Our world will change and our family will be complete. Tomorrow is Alice’s birthday! ...more

Packing for the Hospital

I’m days away from having my third baby (ON FRIDAY! ...more

March Book Shower

March is when Alice is coming (the 6th). ...more