Wife Swap USA

Last night Belle and I watched Wife Swap USA. Yes, I know it’s mostly staged and it’s all rubbish, but I don’t care. I love it. So there....more

A waft of Chanel No 5, the fizz of a Gin & Tonic and a book quiz failure...

I finally got round last night to reading Saturday’s Guardian magazine....more

Cybermummy 2010

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sad and lonely. A tad pathetic maybe, but after spending the weekend at the Cybermummy conference surrounded by so many interesting, intelligent, funny women, waking up on your own is bound to be a bit of an anti-climax. One important thing I’ve come to realise since I became single and started working at home, and which Cybermummy reinforced for me, is that I am a People Person. I’ve always thought this was a bit of a silly expression....more

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a beautiful princess with a fondness for good grammar, and an unsuitable prince who was devilishly good at scrabble. One day the unsuitable prince told the princess he was in love with her. He seemed rather perplexed though, so while he had a little think about it he put the princess in a well for safekeeping. The well was very deep and dark and the princess was rather shocked....more

I liked your story. I think I shall send it to my 14 year old...

BlogHer Community ...more

Is it cruel to tease your children?

When Bee was about three or four years old I could make her cry by pretending to be a lion. It would start with just a serious face and a very quiet roar and initially she’d just look a little concerned. “Stop it Mummy!” she’d say. But I couldn’t stop. I’d roar again, with the same deadly serious look on my face. She’d look a bit more concerned, so I’d do it again. Her bottom lip would start to tremble and I knew this was the tipping point – I could stop and smile and she’d be ok, or I could do it one more time and she’d cry....more

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Words, words, words… I love ‘em. Can’t get enough of ‘em. We use words and letters every day – we talk, we write, we read. The use of language is what defines us and sets us apart from other animals. Of course you could argue that some people’s use of language is more limited than others. Bee for example communicates chiefly in grunts and smiley face emoticons, but she seems to get by. How much do we take language for granted though? It’s true that the actual words we use only make up a small percentage of our communication, but it’s a pretty important chunk....more

Really loved it. You've reminded me that I should buy it for a couple of my kids.

~Denise ...more

For a long time afterwards everything was quiet...

Yesterday, after a fleeting reference to camels, I was challenged to write a post in which camels became our only means of travel and communication. Always a girl up for a challenge, I decided to push it a step further and try my hand at fiction. So this morning I have written what is surely to become an extract from the most critically acclaimed post-apocolypse-self-discovery-tragi-comedy of our generation....more

I think a camel WOULD make a good traveling companion, now that I think about it.

~Denise ...more

An introduction to shed living, camels, and a persuasive, biscuit-based P.S.

“What shall I write about today?” I asked Belle. “Write about Emily and me making a house in the shed and making a TV out of the cardboard box that the wine came in.” It’s a rather sad fact that when I am feeling calm and relaxed and not overloaded with work (like I am now), that my brain goes completely blank, totally devoid of literary inspiration....more

The one where I get my contraceptive implant taken out

Yesterday I had my contraceptive implant removed. Don’t worry, it’s nothing gruesome, just a tiny plastic hormone releasing matchstick that goes under the skin in your arm. Maybe it’s a weird thing to write about, but it actually raised some interesting issues for me....more

We're going on a bear hunt...

Kids. Don’t you just love ‘em? On a good day they’ll say the sweetest things, shower you in kisses and bring you glasses of water if you’re feeling hungover. But just like the girl with the curl, when they are bad, they are horrid....more