Interview: Nan Kinney

What does one say to the godmother of lesbian porn?...more

Go Fuck Yourself: One Night Stand

I can hear you now my SLUTs: "Zooey, oh purveyor of smut, bringer of filth, temptress extraordinaire; deliver us from sub par porn. Revive our waning libidos....more

A Very BDSM Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and in the sex clubThe only creature now stirring, was my new eager sub.The swing was all bolted, my toes she did suck,I was done with the kink now, and was ready to fuck...more

Desire...Pt 2

Tasting her, that Dr Pepper lip balm, Bonne Belle, so 8th grade. I am taken back to those days and I want her more for the nostalgia of it all. She is all those girls I wanted to fuck but never had the guts to approach. My prize, the prize for all those lazy hand jobs behind the library. The many unsatisfying fucks between lunch and gym, she is my reward. ...more


"Kneel for me," she said. ...more

Desire-Pt 1

For months, months that felt like decades, I’ve held back, held myself back, really. At this point, a physical restraint of some kind is necessary; the pull between us is so magnetic, so tangible. A force pulling me toward that desired girl, that girl with the short, impishly styled, red hair. A force like a tractor beam, like magnets in her nipples and metal in my tongue. But I resist. ...more

Punch Him, or Fuck Him? Why a Dick is a Terrible Thing to Waste

We all know that guy, the one with the “issues” that we hang out with despite our better judgment. He embarrasses us with his crass language and confrontations at inappropriate times. He irritates us with his racist jokes, sexist remarks, and general lack of literary knowledge. We hate this guy. After every encounter, we vow that this will be the last time. We swear that we will never put ourselves through this miserable interaction again.But then, we look at him....more
You go girl! LOL this was exactly what I needed to read tonight. Yeah I want to fuck him first ...more

Sexting- an Ode

Oh, how I luvyour naughty iterationsOf what you want me to doOr have doneIf only we’d meetWith out the mask ...more

Who are you calling a SLUT?

Are you a SLUT Grrl?A grrl that wants to titallate?Tease?Torture?A grrl that wants to enjoy her sexuality?sensuality?her size?her shape?her sleaze?Then you've come to the right place.SLUT is about women writing, women fucking, and women loving all aspects of sex and sexuality.We can talk hard, write hard, and fuck hard.We CAN be equal (but may choose not to be).We WILL express ourselves in anyway we find appealing.We WILL NOT shame each other for what we find sexy....more