A Kitchen Towel Tutorial

The difference between a kitchen terry cloth towel, a flour sack towel and that of a tea towel has everything to do with its application.  Here's my mom's advice on their utility.  See Mom, I am listening.  :)But first, here's one of my very first tea towels as handcrafted by my Aunt many years ago....more

Extracting Pomegranate Seeds Worth Every Last Ruby Gem

I admit it.  I've been intimidated for years at the prospect of harvesting pomegranate seeds even though I love the taste of them.  Why?  ...more

The Magic Remedy...Potstickers!

Those of us who have lived in a large city occasionally dream about the peace and quiet of living in a small town. My husband, John, and I were in our second year of living in (and generally, loving) Chicago, but our patience with big city congestion was being put to the test. The occasional overwhelming feeling of too many people, the claustrophobia of walls of tall buildings, excessive noise, traffic and long lines was just enough to push us to a decision to take an attractive job offer in the central part of Texas....more
Next time you're making potstickers, call me, I'll take your pictures. I live in Studio City too :)more

A Recipe is Merely a Suggestion

By day I am a resourceful, solution-oriented manager.  By night I go home and meditatively prepare a nice meal.  I freely admit my natural tendency in the kitchen is to follow a recipe to the letter. My practical nature believes someone else has tested the recipe so it must be proven. Why mess with a good thing?...more

Manners, Courtesy or Get Over Myself?

I tread ever so lightly on this subject.  However, I do want to hear your perspective, my dear bloggers.  What would you have done in this instance? Do you remember the Sopranos ...more
Yes, to me this is rude enough to say something, although ideally it would come from the ...more

Kitchen Stocking Stuffers, Now Why Didn't I Invent That?

  "What in the world?” It was my first question when I saw these hanging in a kitchen store display window in Vancouver.  Were they very oddly shaped Popsicle forms?  A Canadian's idea of a joke? I must know so I ask the proprietor of the store about her display.  Her answer to my question?  A banana case!  No question her strategy of hanging these in her front window, got people like me in her store....more

The Bay Leaf Budget

I'm not a cheapskate.  Really!  I'm willing to pay a premium for clean, sustainable food especially if I can't harvest it myself.  But when we ran out of Turkish bay leaves, my husband John purchased a new bottle to restock our supply for ........more
I can't grew one here.  I found PENZEYS spices,and they sell amazing dried herbs that can't be ...more

Persnickety About Persimmons

I am usually not a picky eater.  Put most food in front of me and 20 minutes later you'll find an empty plate.  Of course, that hasn't always been the case if you ask my dad or my great grandmother if she were still with us.  My dad has a vivid memory of coaxing me into eating my peas by making a game out of how many peas we could spear on our forks.  As a 4 or 5 year old with my under-developed taste buds, my great grandmother clued me in that the way to down a glass of bitter grapefruit juice was to pinch my nose.  What lengths adults...more

Finding Okonomoyaki

Have you ever been on a quest to recreate a great memory? Some might say, that's living in the past.  In this case, I don't care!  If nothing else, this journey has taught me much about friendship.   Over 10 years ago, my husband and I whimsic...more

Enchanting Hostess or Hostzilla?

Chances are, if you've been over to our house for a meal, I have it noted in my menu/entertaining diary.  It's not the kind of diary where I recap every thought or conversation.  Mine is more of a snapshot of the meal I planned and executed.   ...more