Coffee on my Computer: Not a Book Review

@Jane Miller Very amusing! Almost as good as the time you broke the clutch in your little Kia ;)more

Book Review: A Visit from the Good Squad

Book Review: The Marriage Plot

Next up? The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.  A Christmas present.  No promises made....more

Book Review: 11/22/63

So here’s the deal.  It was just Christmas, right?  So we had a lot of time off.  And so, I read books....more
@Jane Miller Phew! I watched the first episode of Bag of Bones and didn't sleep for a week, ...more

Here's a Box

My dog brings me things.  I've written before about this particular fetish   Previously he was universal in his interests....more
@Jane Miller Now we are onto something! I hope you are having a great trip!more

The Bus Missed Me

Just sitting in the office this morning, sipping a coffee and getting ready to respond to the various emails that came in last night. It's Vegan Girl. It's 8:45. School started 15 minutes ago....more

Freedm Dinner

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight with Red Sox Fan.  "What should we have for dins?"  "I don't know."  ...more

You Want to Go Where?

G. and I have begun a tradition whereupon when one of the girls graduates (high school, college) they can choose the graduation trip of their choice....more
LOL! Exactly! Stop wanking! You will have an excellent trip! On the brightside, there is still ...more

Ulysses: A Dapper Dan Kind of Man

O Brother Where Art Thou begins with the claim that it's based on Homer's Odyssey....more

Bird Messenger From the Gods

First some facts.In September, while running, I saw a bald eagle carrying a snake....more
@Jane Miller Yes! You should have! And I`m looking in my crystal ball and I see Boca for our ...more