It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Compassion

Recently, I was visiting family and we made a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin.  We stopped in at the Movers and Shakers toy store and I was elated to come across this display: ...more

Some Pickles for Homeless Pets

What do pickles have to do with homeless pets?   Last week, my friend contacted me about our Strut Your Mutt fundraising  for ...more
I would like to nominate this post for Stone Soup Monday! Lately, with the downturn of the ...more

What are you good at? Use it for the Greater Good!

Do-Gooder Spotlight:  Kyla Duffy   One of the objectives I had when starting this blog was to feature people who are doing good things and doing so in creative or unusual ways that could inspire the rest of us to figure out how to fit more good into our daily lives.   A great example of this is Kyla Duffy of <...more

Amazing Women Don't Wait to Inspire

Do-Gooder Spotlight:  Christina Shin and Vegan Off the Leash In a previous post, I wrote about how no good is too small and that even the perceived small things we do should be regarded as accomplishments.  This also holds true for people who are just starting their path towards helping the greater good.  In my experience, it seems that we tend to wait until we do something “really big” until we put it out into the world....more

What's so funny about peace, love, and public policy?

So you are thinking about starting a nonprofit?  ...more

The Good I Learned From My Dog

“People like you don’t have dogs like this.”     Those were the first words I heard from our new dog trainer when I arrived with my 10 week old bundle of doughy cuteness named Dolly; our new American Bulldog. I was offended. After all I was a dog person....more
@Meredith- totally! I knew to never buy from pet stores because of puupy mills but did not ...more

Celebrating Volunteers: Roberta Romero

I’m sure that you have met many people through the years that have made doing good and volunteering an intrinsic part of their lives for altruistic reasons.  Well, I think they deserve all the praise and recognition we can give them. As a society, we sure do seem to write about celebrities and sports figures as if they are contributing something valuable to the greater good or social change; this is just wrong. We are celebrating celebrity over substance and work that is really going to make a difference in the lives of others....more

No Good is too Small

Social Comparison – Let’s talk about it…   I was recently speaking with an animal rescuer who thought she wasn’t very “good” because she had only rescued and found homes for 12 dogs recently.  That means 12 animals that might have died in a shelter have permanent loving homes now.  This blew me away- what could be a greater accomplishment than this?  However, I know the feeling- when I look at the accomplishments, scope, or resources of some innovative social entrepreneurs or nonprofit organizations I sometimes feel like I could never accomplish such fe...more