Let's Talk Modern Homemaking

I was recently gifted this amazing box of quilt pieces. ...more

Homemade Body Butter

Honestly, for me in my current state this is more of a DIY belly butter than a body butter, but it is fabulous for all skin, not just that which is being pulled as tight as a drum. ...more

Baby Fever

As you might imagine, I've got baby on the brain! ...more

What Would Celina Do?

Do you know Celina of Petit a Petit & Family? ...more

Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

In college I studied abroad in Siena, Italy. ...more

I am ...

This month's assignment for the Bold.Brilliant.Beautiful.YOU project is to write out a list of I am statements. ...more

I've Been Published! (Plus Giveaway)

Note: This post contains affiliate links, when you make a purchase after clicking you help support small + friendly, thanks! Alright so it's a far cry from my own book deal, but I do have a project in a really cool craft book! ...more

Shot Through the Heart: Valentine Stenciled T-Shirt

We have entered the (pre)school years where Valentine's Day is a pretty big deal. ...more

There's Nobody I'd Rather Do This With

Photo by Meg Messina (in the hospital the day after Jude was born), quote inspired by this. Yesterday afternoon was one of those wonderful times when Jason and I got the chance to really connect. ...more

I'm Back

I have returned from Alt and whilst I'm pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves, I had an amazing time! ...more