15 Maternity Leave Light bulb Moments

1. I need to teach our 2 year old son that his 1 week old brother can't catch a football, let alone kick a field goal.2. My meals now consist of what our 2 year old decides to not finish eating on his plate.3. It's just me and my little men sitting here watching ESPN… wait! My husband and sons have corrupted me! I'm supposed to be watching ‘A Baby Story’ or ‘Oprah!’...more

10 Things you Should NEVER say to a Pregnant Woman

I knew the next time that I got pregnant; I would have to deal with ignorant comments about my growing belly. During my first pregnancy, absolute strangers who wanted to know all the details about my blossoming baby bump fascinated me. At first, I welcomed the questions, until they started to become insults. I was so appalled by some of the comments that I decided to keep track of the worst insults that can be directed to a pregnant woman....more

Working Moms: 7 Tips for Success

Absolve yourself of “mommy guilt.” You are doing the best that you can. Remember that a desire for a career does not make you a bad mother, nor does a desire for work/life balance make you a bad employee. Be proactive and creative....more