Reasons You Want to Pack Olive Oil on Your Next Trip

Olive oil isn't just for healthy cooking - it is the main ingredient in many beauty products you can purchase. Here are several resourceful uses for olive oil that you can create yourself and are very travel friendly! Just add olive oil into a 3 oz. container and bring the mini-bottle along on your next trip:...more

Is Your Child Flying Alone? Here's What You Need to Know!

Is your child flying alone to see Dad or Grandma and Grandpa during the holiday season? Unaccompanied minors (UM), in airline terms, are a common occurrence to the airlines though can be a confusing nightmare to us parents!My kids flew to see their dad often and I was always the parent doing the sign-of-the-cross at the gate as they boarded - so your stress and anxiety about having your kids flying solo is something I am all too familiar with.Are these the questions you’re asking? (I know I did!)...more

Engage Your Kids in Fun Activities While You’re Away on a Business Trip

“By the time you finish up school on Friday, I'll be home.”  Or “By the third sleep, I'll be home tucking you in.”What words have you used with your kids to assure them that your business trip will soon be over and you’ll be right back where they want you - at home?I have overheard so many of these conversations, and have had too many to count myself.To help make the days away from home seem to go faster, and to add some fun into the time when business takes you away from your kids, try these simple and fun ways to engage your kids:...more

ALWAYS Use the “Do Not Disturb” Sign!

I love arriving into a new hotel room, even after years and years of traveling. There’s just something about checking out what a room has to offer that still excites me.Until the other night…… when the first thing I saw at 11:30 pm after the lights went on was luggage. Open luggage on the floor, luggage that wasn’t mine....more
This happened on my friend's wedding day. We went to get the the key to their room and when we ...more

A Reader Asks: I'd Love to Go to France But I Don't Speak French - Help!

Reader Sue asks:I would love to plan a solo trip to Paris but I speak absolutely NO French. Will I be able to navigate the city, hotel and restaurants? It was easy when I went to Rome because almost everyone spoke some English.Sue – I understand completely how you feel. I was wondering the same thing on my first trip to France. Next week I’m heading to Japan for my inaugural visit and have that same “am I going to be able to navigate ok?” thought in my head. It’s a common fear many of us have when traveling to a place where we do not speak the language....more

How to Transform Your Packing

“Is that your only suitcase?” I was asked. Traveling with other women last week, we arrived at our destination and headed to baggage claim. I had my luggage with me; my 21″ spinner bag. They had to wait for their bags. When their luggage finally arrived, their bags looked double in size to mine. They were all flabbergasted at my little bag for a full week’s business trip. “How do you do that?” was their next question.Ever wonder yourself how to pack everything you want and need and in just a carry-on bag? Let me share my secrets:...more

Luggage Leaves Clues

I’ve loved the saying of “Success Leaves Clues” for a long time. Here’s a new saying along that same line: “Luggage Leaves Clues.” What exactly am I talking about?As I’m settling down to write this, I’ve just gotten into my comfy clothes…sweatpants and a t-shirt. Not just any old t-shirt, but a genuine SkyTeam t-shirt. I donned my slippers with the fancy ‘F’ on them – my comfy Fairmont slippers. I put my book to the side (I’m reading Tim Ferriss’s updated version of The 4-Hour Workweek), marking my page with my Continental boarding pass....more

Travel Prep by Mom for Jenn’s First Solo International Trip!

Preparing myself for travel is one thing; preparing my daughter for travel is another – especially when it involves solo travel to another country. While she’s not a child any more and is a very capable adult, a parent’s worry hovering involvement doesn’t end.Jenn is on her way to Hong Kong and China for ten days. Watch as I offer my travel words of wisdom on packing and hear Jenn’s silent “Yes, Mom… Yes, Mom!”  Lots of travel tips for all!...more

Averting Travel Wardrobe Disasters

We've all had those mornings. A loose lid causes coffee spillage, tights get snagged on car keys or a heel gets caught in a sidewalk grate.Luckily, we've got some handy solutions to tackle office fashion emergencies and help you keep it together at work.  Need to repair a piece on clothing on-site without an emergency sewing kit?1. Grab a stapler to fix broken zippers or loose sleeves – just staple from the inside out.2. If a zipper is stuck, rub the tip of a graphite pencil over the area to loosen it up....more

It's Time to Spring Clean Your Travel Gear!

It’s spring cleaning time!...more