The Great Sock Making Adventure - Part One

I think most knitters know how to make socks.  At least, it seems that way, according to Ravelry.  There are so many pairs of beautiful, colorful, knitted socks.  I almost feel like a failure when it comes to knitting, simply because I have never, ever, knit a sock.  Or, well, anything beyond a scarf or shawl.  Which brings me to my deepest, darkest secret: I am not much of a knitter....more

Wrist warmers = speedy crocheting fun!

Well, Nerd Wars Tournament Five: Round Two is in full swing!  One of my most favorite parts of Nerd Wars, so far, is discovering new projects to make and new techniques to try.  I didn’t do too much experimenting last round – for two projects, I stuck with tried-and-true patterns and simple techniques.  Once they were done, though, I decided to test my boundaries and try something new – and ended up creating a beautiful scarf and a cute little pony!...more


I’m back in the swing of crafting again!  I went through a little bit of a lull, recently, when it came to working on projects – I only had one going, and no idea what to do next.  Now, ideas are coming left and right!  I’ve got plans for a lot of projects…...more

Making useful crafts, and why I do it

I’ve noticed a trend with, well, all yarn craft projects.  Almost everything I’ve made has been useful in some way.  Whether it’s a blanket to keep someone warm, or a scarf to keep the winter chill away, or a scooter seat blanket to keep one’s tush from frying on a hot seat in the summer – it’s all had some use.  And I find that interesting – and pleasing....more

6 Months of Married Bliss: A Newlywed's Realizations

I’ve been married for nearly six months, and they've been some of the best six mon...more

I'm getting married in 16 days. I've been trying to find blogs of people in a similar situation. ...more