When Nerds Wed: The (Star Wars) Proposal Story

Alright. So here it is finally…as promised. The story of how we became engaged. The weekend of March 16th to the 18th a couple of our closest friends accompanied Mark and I to WonderCon, a pop culture/comic book convention in Anaheim. It was my birthday weekend, and Mark and I couldn’t pass up the chance to head to another one of those “nerd” conventions. It is just our style....more

Coping with the Tough Times

Over the past few months I have struggled with the decision to talk about my personal life (in detail) on this, and other, blogs. My FAVORITE thing about most of the blogs that I read is the raw honesty the bloggers give to their readers, and their openness to divulge their very soul.This has been a tough choice for me, because as a newlywed much of my personal life is directly linked to that of my husband. We lead fairly private lives, and always have. How do you cross that line?...more