Introducing a few new things at W&M

I am excited to write today's post.  I have been working on some ideas of new things that I want to incorporate into my blog.  The response to last weeks blog of my friend Suzanne's story has been so overwhelming, that it got me thinking (dangerous I know).  One of the goal's I have for myself is to grow this little blog into a NOT so little blog.  I jump started this idea with the introduction of the Waits and Measurement...more

Starting my day with a smile

This is my Genna dog.  I love my Genna dog.  When we got this sweet faced pup 8 years ago we arrived at the rescue with a different dog in mind.  We had seen a picture of some other dog and had no plans of looking at others.  A very cute but indifferent little black dog came out and...more

Do YOU believe in miracles?!?!

This movie ALWAYS makes me cry.  Not in a sad weepy way, but in that "Oh my sweet word the inspiration and awesomeness of it all" way.  I get to the end and as the boys tie up the big game I can feel my nerves get tense (even though I know the outcome) and just wait to see the big finish ...more

Here we go!!


Making Waves

Making Waves...more

Garden Fairies

Garden Fairies...more

Story Time

My three year old and I have a pretty set bedtime routine.  Every once and a while she mixes it up and has Dadoo take her to bed, but for the most part it is her and I.  It's my favorite time of the day.  We get all snuggled under her covers and hug, she giggles as I tell her to move her tiny tush over so there is room for me, and then we read.  "Going to bed time" ranges from 830-9pm.  It used to be if we went up at 830, she got 3 stories, 840 meant 2, 850 meant 1, and 900 meant straight to sleep.  Now that she is getting older she is starting to enjoy slightl...more

Get Active


Short Lived Sunshine

Short lived SunshineHappy Monday dear ones!  What a wonderful weekend we had here in NE Ohio!  The sun was out, we broke into the 60's.  What a blessing for March, and my little family took full advantage.  We had our regular weekend fun scheduled (soccer tournament, dance class) but luckily for us things were all scheduled early enough in the day that we were able to get LOTS of quality time outside enjoying the unseasonably warm weather!  ...more