Lights, Camera, Interview

Interviewing for a job has always been an exercise in performance art.  You put on your suit, go to the employer’s office and do everything possible to show you’re the best person for the position.  As in the early days of TV, it’s all done in front of a live audience, so you have one chance to get it right. ...more
I'm not sure I've *ever* used Skype where I wasn't wearing formal clothes on top and pajama ...more

Lawyer v. Editor

When I was a first year law student, my torts professor seemed both ancient and old-fashioned.  He’d totter into class clutching a yellow legal pad covered with scribbles and spend most of the hour reading aloud in a quavering voice.  Every so often, he’d ask a student to recite the facts of a case we’d read the previous night, and explain how the court reached its decision.  Not surprisingly, the student frequently got it wrong.  But this professor was the polar opposite of One-L’s Professor Kingsfield.  Far from berating the student for his or her error, ...more
People love shiny new toys so much that sometimes they forget the old-fashioned things.  A ...more

Want Ads of the Absurd

The last time I looked for a job, seven years ago, many fewer listings appeared online.  These days they appear no place else.  Your Sunday paper (assuming you still get a “hard copy” tossed onto your lawn once a week) is much slimmer now that “Help Wanted” ads are – mostly - a thing of the past. ...more
RFM Yes, the qualifications are often either internally inconsistent or ridiculously repetitive. ...more