Supplements: All my questions answered by a Registered Dietitian!

Ever wonder which supplements you should take? Are they even healthy and safe? Is there a need or benefit for protien powder or crazy cleanses in your life? I sure did! So I was so excited when Elizabeth Somer, a Nutritionist, Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Alert!, public speaker, and author of a variety of books including The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals and Eat Your Way to Sexy, offered to answer some of my questions!...more

Supplements: Do you know what you are putting in your body?

Do you take supplements?  Do you feel the benefits outweigh any risks?While I do believe some supplements can be beneficial for certain people, I am not a huge fan of supplements and I will tell you why…For one, I have always been a firm believer that the general public can get all of our nutritional needs from a healthy, well-nourished diet. Of course, that does not guarantee we can or will always eat as healthy as we should!...more
Read the rest of that article! The very next sentence says:  "FDA regulates dietary supplements ...more

How to fit fitness into your busy day!

I know it can be tough to do everything we want to do in a day. I swear, my to-do list just gets longer and longer lately. So much to do and so little time! Such is life….I thought I would take a typical day of mine, one where I do not already have a workout scheduled, and outline how one may fit exercise into their busy schedule. Morning...more

Why a Run to your Local Farmer’s Stand is the Best Detox for your Body

I have never been a fan of detoxing. The whole idea of it is just a little hard to buy. These products and plans and books make all these great claims about how a certain diet will quickly and effectively change our life forever. Or a detox will rid our bodies of all these toxins and make us so much healthier… but what scientific proof is there, really!? What studies have shown how much toxins are in the human body before and after a detox, how many toxins were actually cleaned out, how long will they stay out?...more

Virtual Bootcamp Anyone?

Ok, so you may have heard about virtual coffee dates on blogs, well, I decided to do a virtual bootcamp today…So if you came to my bootcamp tonight, well you might get lost because it is outside and there are like 4 different parking lots, but I would find you!...more

Top Ten Things I have learned from being a Group Ex Instructor

I put together a list of the top 10 things I have learned in my few years of being a Group Ex instructor.  I compiled the list from my instructing experiences, group exercise class observations, and feedback from my fitness survey.  ...more

6 Tips to get the Most out of your Workout

You may have heard the expressions "Mind over matter" or "It is 99% mental", and more times than not we may stop before we absolutely have to. Can your legs literally not take one more step? Could you really not lift 2 more reps if your life depended on it? Here are a few ways to get a little more out of your next workout:...more

Making Time for your Health

Making Time for your HealthAs I was out for a few drinks after work with some close friends, the topic quickly turned to weight loss and health, as it often does with a group of ladies. A  friend of mine is working on losing weight for her wedding at the end of the year and joked that her skinny friends better gain a few pounds by then.  She has a desk job but is a frequent gym goer who runs a few miles a few days a week on the treadmill and she just recently signed up for boot camp classes to incorporate some strength training. Awesome, right!? Right!...more