Abey Lately

Since I know the real reason most of you stop by here is to see pictures of the cutest little boy to ever walk crawl the face of the planet (not that I can blame you), today I will oblige. These pictures are from the last couple of months (and none are terribly recent... I need to upload a bunch). ...more

The Career Circle

I graduated from dental hygiene school in 2007. By the end of that summer, I was already second-guessing my chosen profession. I just didn't love it. I told myself it would be okay. I'd probably be having kids in just a few years, and then I wouldn't be working at all. It's just cleaning teeth. Surely I can clean teeth for a few years. That's what I told myself. ...more

The Pincer Grasp

Some babies walk early.  Some get teeth when they're 3 months old, some start talking before they can sit properly.  My boy, well he has an awesome pincer grasp.  We started letting him eat fruits and veggies from the table when he was 6 months old.  That means he's had quite a bit of practice grabbing small things, and as a result, his hand coordination is pretty spectacular.  He proved that to me this weekend. ...more

Missing you and a book you should read

 Man has life changed over these last few months. This month, for the first time since Abe was born, I feel like we're finally starting to settle into our new normal.  I've decided to go back to work 3 days a week, and the Mr. has just started a new position.  Abe is loving his babysitter/in-home daycare provider, and I don't cry anymore when we have to drop him off.  Success! ...more

The Speed of Life

I'll try not to bore you with my "Where has the time gone?" remarks, but HOLY COW! Moving on... ...more

8 foot flowers are totally normal

Being somebody's mom has a funny effect on a girl. You hear all the time about how motherhood changes your perspective on life. How it makes you think of yourself last, and about how your entire world begins to revolve around making life the best it can possibly be for this tiny new person. And that's true; it does. But when that little one is tucked safely away in his bed at night and you get a little time to ...more

Just one more reason to smile

In case FRIDAY isn't enough of a reason to make you smile... ...more

Cool kids read books

People often ask me where I get my inspiration for my print and card designs.  What is my muse?  What really gets my mind working in unconventional ways? That's a lie.  I don't think anyone has EVER asked me that.  I just needed a good intro into a post about my love for young adult dystopian fiction that doesn't make me sound like some angsty Twilight fanatic.   Awkward segue, no? ...more

Oh hey there

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I last checked in here.  It seems like an eternity!  I wish I could tell you that we've spent the last two weeks exploring Europe or touring America's greatest rose gardens or something equally exciting, but we haven't.  We've just been doing life. ...more

Smile Friday

Last week:  Hangin' with our friend Paul (who also got him that rockin' dino shirt he's wearing) ...more