Ellie's Graduation speech: aka....SUPERLOVE!

Ellie's Graduation speech: aka....SUPERLOVE! Ellie calls Tess her "Superlove". She says this is because they are not only sisters, they are "best friends" which means they have double the love, hence...SUPERLOVE!This past Saturday Ellie graduated from Vinalhaven High School as Valedictorian and gave one of the best speeches (in this mom's humble opinion ;) ) I have ever heard. She also insisted on sharing this special moment with Tess. Her Superlove. She also gave her Valedictorian Stole to Tess as the stole was to be given to the person in your life who has influenced and inspired you.Below are some pictures of Ellie and Tess on stage during her speech, as well as the video link to Youtube and the transcript of it below that.  Please feel free to share! :) Youtube link:...more

What not to say to a parent of a child with special needs, my take on it

It seems to be all the rage these days for parents of kids with special needs to write blog posts stating their opinions on what to say, or not to say, in regards to their children with SN. Here's my take on the subject: ENOUGH ALREADY! ...more