Take THAT, Lung Disease

I’ve been putting off writing this doctor report for almost a week now, but I guess the best thing to do is to just sit down and do it. As I mentioned earlier, I had four medical appointments last Tuesday, plus five hours on the road. The first appointment was for my monthly IV infusion […] The post Take THAT, Lung Disease appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more

The Tale of the Horn

Steve has been thoroughly enjoying his new(ish) car. ...more

The Cute One

I’m having a bit of a tough time recovering from my flights home Monday (12 hours of travel) and...more


In just a few minutes, Sheri (AKA The Other Grandma) will be picking me to take me to the Orlando airport to fly back to Norfolk. ...more

Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?

In a few minutes, I’ll be leaving for Oasis Christian Academy where a certain Mrs. Smith is a fourth grade teacher. The aforementioned younger Mrs ....more

The Hair-y Transformation, Part 2

Here’s what Sarah looked like when she got ready yesterday morning And here’s what she looks like now! Isn’t she lovely?...more

Hair-y Transformation

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time at all, you’ll recall that Sarah has had a wide variety of hairstyles over the years In no particular order, here are a few. (Scroll to the bottom to see why I’m writing about this.) So why the trip down the Memory Lane of Hair? […] The post Hair-y Transformation appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more

First and Last Birthdays

Yesterday in our morning service, I got a wonderful surprise....more

Bracelets, Guitars, and Grandma Brain.

I just realized I have Grandma Brain. Grandma Brain means that one has gotten past a certain (unspecified) age, and once one gets past that certain (unspecified) age (whether you’re a grandma or not), some things that should be remembered just don’t get remembered. As in the words of that old joke, “The memory is […] The post Bracelets, Guitars, and Grandma Brain ....more


Miscellaneous thoughts and photos to share today Here’s another thrift store outfit I wanted to show you. ...more