A (Mostly) Merry Christmas

We had such a merry Christmas with the family; I have plenty of photos to share in the days to come. ...more

The Post Christmas Posting of our Christmas Card

Happy day after Christmas!...more

Car Reveal and Funny Face

For those of you who have been eager to see Sarah’s new car, here it is! Isn’t it so cute?...more

Colidge. Car. Candlelight Communion.

Steve and I told both kids when they were young that ...more

Heaven On Earth

Just to let everyone know that the Christmas Countdown has begun. This fine-looking couple (and their equally fine-looking son) will land at the Norfolk airport Friday at 8 p.m. for a ten-day visit. Hooray! ...more

Baths and Dads

Just wanted to check in briefly to say hello and to apologize for the dearth of posts this week. ...more

A (Photographic) Christmas Story

Last Tuesday afternoon I discovered that the company I wanted to order photo Christmas cards from had a big sale ending at midnight. But alas, I had no family photo to put on said photo cards....more

Selfies and Jollification

I am not one to take a lot of selfies but every once in a while, I give into the temptation just so that I can feel like I am “with it.”...more

Nanner Puddin’ and Non-Classiness and Answered Prayers

For the fourth Thanksgiving in a row, our family hosted the men of Dare Challenge, a local faith-based drug and alcohol rehab center. Here are a few photos of the merriment. Sarah was my Official Potato Peeler....more

Surgery, Fighter Pilots, Thankfulness

Tomorrow we will once again host the men of Dare Challenge for Thanksgiving at our home along with a couple of people from church.That means that for the next thirty-six hours or so, I will be running around like a crazy woman so I thought I’d better check in with you today while I still […] The post Surgery, Fighter Pilots, Thankfulness appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more