Little School. Tiny Bus. Short Months.

Thanksgiving Well, our number of guests for Thanksgiving Dinner has morphed from 18 to 22! ...more

Turkey With a Goiter. And Recipe Requests.

I want to start with this post from Sheri Hawley, Nathan’s fabulous mom-in-law. She does such a great job of describing the hours leading up to Nathan’s trip to El Salvador as Nathan had just 24 hours to decide to go and then make preparations to be gone for 10 days. The post gives you […] The post Turkey With a Goiter ....more

Thrifty Style Series: Patterned Pieces

When it comes to clothing purchases, I am usually all about having a lot of plain tops and bottoms so that I can mix them up without drawing too much attention to each of those basic pieces. ...more

Crazy Fella. Sarah’s Blog. Medical Stuff.

CRAZY FELLA Right after church on Sunday, Steve and I took off for Georgia for part 2 (of 4) of the Leadership Training ...more

Hands. Bridge. Veterans.

Hands Nathan just posted this picture on FB with the following caption: Saturday morning snuggle. #lovethiskid Sarah commented, “I miss both of these pairs of hands.” That sure made this mama/grandma heart happy. Bridge I mentioned last week that Sarah, Steve and I took a day trip to Corolla and I shared a couple photos […] The post Hands ....more

On A Steve Theme

When I got into my office on Monday, this home made card was lying on my computer keyboard. ...more

Joey and Rory. Cancer Sister.

I just want to say thanks to all of you who left such dear comments last week; I have read them all several times and they have brought me smiles and (happy) tears. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. And in light of what I went through in the past […] The post Joey and Rory ....more


Now that I’ve let our immediate family and church staff know, I wanted to pass on the news to you dear readers as quickly as possible: We found out about an hour ago that the ultra sound was clear! ...more

The Waiting of the Inbetween

When I had my medical test last Thursday, I was told it would be read by the radiologist...more

Anxiety. Care. Grass.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is in Matthew 6:30. ...more