Surgery, Fighter Pilots, Thankfulness

Tomorrow we will once again host the men of Dare Challenge for Thanksgiving at our home along with a couple of people from church.That means that for the next thirty-six hours or so, I will be running around like a crazy woman so I thought I’d better check in with you today while I still […] The post Surgery, Fighter Pilots, Thankfulness appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more

The Hairdresser Wannabe Woman

So there I was one sunny afternoon, just minding my own personal business....more

The Infirm Intimidator

If you need a smile today, or if you are laid out on the proverbial grass with pains in your body or aches in your soul, take heart. There may be more “oomph” left in you than you even know. ...more

Miss Smith, Brownie Trick, Charming Reindeer

The Newest Miss Smith I wrote recently about being a guest teacher in Meagan’s classroom; I jokingly told the class they could call me the Old Mrs. Smith and Meagan was the Young Mrs. Smith ....more

Beyond The Delay

A week ago I was on my way home from Norfolk when I ran into a huge traffic backup. Since there is only one direct way on to the Outer Banks from the north, my GPS had no helpful options for me except to sit. For a long time ....more

News, an Angel Dance, and Soldiers

Well, just to start your Monday off with some happy news, let me share that this little fella is going to be a Big Brother! ...more

The Thisses and Thats of Thursday

I’ll start off my list of Thursday Things with this lovely, sweet and cuddly face. What a little, loyal friend she has been to us all. Snowy would be proud ....more

Both Ends of the Journey

Good morning to Monday and a good morning to you! Today I’m finishing out my Florida trip stories, starting with the church service I attended with Meagan and Nathan who attend Garden Grove Church in Winter Haven, FL, which is pastored by Meagan’s parents....more

A Young Jodi Foster?

This week I spent two days in bed with back pain and spasms necessitating heavy-duty muscle relaxers and pain meds. Then when I finally felt coherent enough to write a blog post, my computer spazzed out on me and I had to take it to the computer shop two days in a row. ...more

Moustaches. And The Sweetness of Love.

I have a few more photos to share from the birthday party of the world’s most bright and charming grandson. ...more