Roll Call. A Southern Winter

Roll Call I know I’ve probably done this at some point in the past, but I wanted to repeat it since I know I’ve had a good number of new readers come on board in recent years. And just what is the “this” that I’m talking about?...more

Wing Watching

Last summer, I took some photos that I forgot to share. They are especially wonderful to view right now because in the midst of a dismal winter, the vivid sky and green grass are antidotes for a winter-weary soul. The story behind the photos is pretty special, too ....more

Bright Place. Amazing Grace.

Joe had just died. He had died his own home, in his own bed, just the way he had wanted. For several years, Joe had gone toe-to-toe with brain and lung cancer and the battle had finally come to an end ....more

Take That, Elliot Grey

Early one morning about two weeks ago, I stumbled blearily down to the kitchen to find an envelope and a piece of chocolate on the counter. There are few sights in life that are any more welcome to me than chocolate. And there are few items that rouse my curiosity any more than an envelope […] The post Take That, Elliot Grey appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more

An Oldie But Goodie (Video)

I just found this video I made for Valentines Day six years ago. It was great fun to see how we all looked back in the olden days. Enjoy–and a very merry Valentines Day to you ....more

The Four People I’ve Met on Earth

You’ve heard of the book, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven?” Well, this post is about “Four People I’ve Met on Earth.” Seriously, folks. Steve and I get to meet some amazing people in our line of work and I want to highlight a few of them, ending with the story I alluded to […] The post The Four People I’ve Met on Earth appeared first on Smithellaneous ....more

My Thumb and I

Today I had every intention of getting an inspiring blog post written for you ...more

Voluminosity. And Starting.

This is a pen nib necklace I gave to Sarah a while ago. And yes, it really is an actual nib from an actual pen. How cool is that for my Writer Girl? ...more

Generational Juxtapositionings.

I wanted to share a few photos with you of our trip last week to Charlotte. Sarah prepared for our Charlotte arrival with a wee snooze in the car. ...more

It’s A . . .

Last night, Meagan posted this photo on Facebook. Underneath it she wrote, “Off to a gender reveal for our baby!” Except this was not just any ol’ gender reveal. ...more