New Love

i've done it! I think I made it through. I've moved past him and most of the hurt. It took new love to make me let go. I want to love my new guy so badly, i had to let go of the old crappy stuff. He has helped me. He has healed me. I can't believe I finally made it here.I'm engaged  and will be  married very soon.Chin up! More very soon.Suzi Q...more

Still lost

Well I'm back.Two years later, I am now divorced. Dating someone new and going to couples counseling with my ex-husband. I am officially nutso!I'm still lost. I had several good months; and, now I feel lost again. Somedays I can feel the real me. It's like she's peeking around the corner to see if I'm OK. I need her back, the real me....more

roller coaster

I was so UP yesterday and last night. Today I want to kill her. And I don't trust him.   I just want to be better, to not question myself and not care so damn much. The new friendship quest is going at a snail's pace. I guess it's not time for it to get better! Damn it...more

December from hell

I've never done this before. Bare my soul I mean. Because I am about to bare my soul. Maybe not all today but in the next few months. In December I caught my husband coming out of a hotel with room with another woman. A woman he had been seeing for four months or so. Yes, we are still together. Do I want to be? Most days. Why am I sharing? Because I am in so much pain, I can't move forward with my life. I am so angry with her. My anger with him has mostly burned out. Thank goodness. We have talked about it until I don't really want to talk about her anymore....more