"My Name is ...

It's so easy to dehumanize an Alzheimer's patient -- to not see them as the people they used to be. I mean, every day things are different. More things are forgotten, some things may be vaguely remembered and even other things are thought to be memories but never really happened.I find it happening by me, sometimes. Dad loves to pat my arm or ask me hundreds of times if the oak barrel top he made for me years ago was still good. He doesn't really remember making it, but he knows he should know it and somehow knows he should be proud of it. It's in there, all mixed up with the stories and thoughts of the Korean War, his childhood and everything else he's ever experienced. But, in my rush to go about my business or my own desire to talk and be heard, I sometimes don't hear him. I blow right by....more

Game Changers

Our lives have been compared to chess games, endurance races, baseball, pinball and others. Truthfully, we start out in our own little game and add players all the time. Coworkers, family, friends and acquaintances share our playing field and sometimes share very tangible positions in how our lives play out. Not really sure we notice them as much as we should....more


Here it is, nearly fall again. School is starting, despite the 100° temps and the call of the lake. It’s also the part of the year when Beloit College publishes it’s annual Mindset List. You know, the one that helps people get a picture of the incoming freshman class. Sometimes the lists are funny, many times shocking and usually enlightening – this year’s list for the graduating class of 2014, not so much. However, that list and a post by Dan Overes on his blog DanOCan got me thinking about what might have been my mindset while starting I was a college freshman in 1980?  ...more