Standards for the Sexting Slut

The fact of the matter is that I like sexting. It's more than some giggle worthy trend that banks me a lot of dick pics. I like that hot men and women are busy telling me what they want to do to my body while they're touching themselves. I like to be the reason someone gets horny enough to needto touch themselves in pleasure. ...more

Sexual Deprivation: Hard Limit

NEED.That is a funny little thing. To be only four letters it bears the sisyphean task of being crucial to life. Always referring to different things and needs of different kinds. Sexual need is it's own brand of feeling. It is a need that you feel. It is an emotional void and a severe physical lack that keeps you up at night. It is a hunger. It is a desire....more

The Evolution of a Crush Slut

You know that one person at that one party? I like them. That one guy that I randomly took a shower with? Yeah, I like him. That cute girl dating a friend of mine? I like her, too. And that guy?! That guy with the really great hair? Oh yeah, I really like him....more

Online Dating Is Way More Complicated for Women

If we're all honest with ourselves, online dating is the option of the future. It is niche and it is available, as we know so many people aren't. It is like going to a buffet where everything is laid out pretty and delicious for our choosing. ...more
Good read. You're right to say that online dating is a very real option today. It's a valid one, ...more

50 Shades of Safety: A How To

So you watched 50 Shades of Grey and now you're curious? You've read my blog and you're curious? Or you really just have been curious from the beginning and you were too afraid to ask? That's okay. It happens. A lot of people are too afraid to admit their curiousity and are willing to jump in without realizing there is a right way and a wrong way....more

My Lack of Self-Seduction

It is no big secret that I currently sell sex toys for a living. I like the opportunity that it affords me to find things that might help people get their rocks off. The one thing that I have come to realize is that people want to know what you like; what gets you off. Maybe they think they're doing it wrong. Maybe they only want to talk to someone who fucking gets it.But you know my secret? I suck at masturbating....more

How I Came to Domme

Ever had one of those experiences that changes your life? Gives you confidence, strength, and ultimate power? I have and [Aristotle] gave that to me. He handed it to me on a damn silver platter the moment he said he wanted to submit to me.For years, I have known that I have a dominant side in me. I've dabbled in topping and in masturbation control. It is a thrill that I feel deep inside when a man begs for my permission, generosity or mercy.But this is what I've wanted; what I've craved....more

Crushes Are NOT For Me!

I recently read a blog post about crushes that happened to mesh pretty well with thoughts that were already inside this pretty little mind of mine. If by mesh you mean I think that it is totally wrong and I can completely explain why.The post was about non-obligation crushes....more
SadWhaleFamily ugh put me right in that camp, the camp for jerksmore

Party Hard & Play Harder: Confessions from a Fetish Party

About a month ago, I went to a fetish party. Last time, I was considerably late everything was winding down and it was simply very sensual but I was not actively participating. But this time. This time was different.What was different this time?I promise it had nothing to do with the beer I had before I got there.Or the three drinks I had while I was there. Totally not....more

I've Slept with Fat Guys

The other day I linked an article on Facebook that was about dating and the effort boys put should put into something when a girl's heart is on the line. But that isn't what this is about. Oh no. That article stirred up a conversation that infuriated me....more