When You Need A Moment

Life is busy. As twenty-somethings, we are part of a generation that is constantly connected; to our smart phones, to social media, and to each other. We thrive on communication and are constantly on the go. We are the generation that hustles....more

20 Reasons You're a Twenty-Something Who Gets It

1. You’re not forcing it. Not that friendship that drains all of your energy, not that gluten free fad everyone seems to be buying into, and certainly not the if-you’re-not-married-by-thirty-you’ll-die-alone slippery slope.2. You trust your story. Your past gives you an edge, and you rather like it. The good, the bad, and the terrible: those experiences have all been instrumental in creating the person you are today....more

10 Dating Mistakes We Need To Stop Making

Every so often, I like to lament on the challenges of dating as a twenty-something.For women and men alike, finding a partner is difficult. Historically for me, the most taxing part of dating has been putting myself out there again and again, only to be disappointed. As a woman in her late twenties, finding someone who is on the same page as me has been frustratingly elusive. Either they want absolutely nothing to do with commitment, or they want the wedding planned by June....more


I try to start every day with a to-do list.Some days I get it all done. Some days I completely forget to even make a list. Most days I am somewhere in-between, crossing out the easier items with satisfaction and rolling over the rest to the next day’s list.Order business cards. Work on my first ever Focus Word for the year. Write. Blog. Prepare for reviews at work. Fight writer’s block. Navigate the emotional exhaustion. Eat less sugar. Plan for what’s next. Try to be my best. Save money. Pay off debt. Try to contribute more to retirement....more

You Can Be Fearless Too

I don't know about you, but I waste a lot of time worrying about what I am lacking, and all of the goals I haven't succeeded at yet. This kind of worrying creates a lot of fear and anxiety. Handing power directly to fear, and enabling it, is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. ...more

The Stages of Breaking Up

Have you broken up with someone, and once you were done with it, you were left in a state of complete and utter bewilderment?...more

15 Keys to Success: How to Show Life Who's Boss

Inspiration is everywhere. It is in our surroundings, in the people we spend our days with and around, in the music we listen to, in the very the air we breathe. The tricky thing about inspiration is that it is usually the most elusive when we are actively looking for it.Then, when you least expect it, inspiration hits you like a beam of light shining through a dark grey sky. It is like an illuminating burst, engulfing you in brilliant glitter and reaching bright rays out to everything you see....more

Choosing Career Over Family: How Ambition is Complicated

One of the most powerful things we can do is to decide what we want. To do this, we must get to know ourselves. What makes us tick? What fulfills us? What do we want our lives to look like in five, ten, or twenty years?We must take a stand in our beliefs, choose our path, own our choices, and then pray that it all works out as beautifully as we hope it will. Find our purpose and follow it- without fear, regret, or hesitation....more

How To Achieve Success as a Twenty-Something

People say not to work for the paycheck, and that money does not equal success. But I would argue that, in some ways, your income does represent how far you have come and what you have achieved. If you are self-employed, or part of a start-up, then perhaps not so much. However, I am someone who, day in and day out, goes into an office job where every single day I am actively trying to move forward and upward in my career.The question becomes, how exactly do us twenty-somethings achieve success?...more

October Bucketlist: 5 Halloween Must Dos

I can’t put my finger on what is different about this year, but for some reason I am more excited than usual for October, and Halloween activities in general. I think all of the Pinterest perusing I do has gone to my head.I thought it would be fun, albeit a tad over-ambitious, to create an October bucketlist in honor of Halloween. A collective list of fun things to look forward to and plan for! You know, because I have so much free time on my hands.So, without any further ado, we have…...more