India's Free Speech Challengers: Online And Off

What happens with a newly-elected Indian minister in the central government starts tweeting? Many hilarious controversies, clashes and headlines. ...more

India's Best Shot at Going Green

The general assumption in the climate change circles has been that there can be no substantial outcome at Copenhagen unless the U.S., India and China -- among the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters -- agree to binding norms. Given the current state of the U.S. economy, that will be a tough sell for President Obama and his negotiators, since India and China are unlikely to give in to mandatory targets or trade barriers; they are pushing for developed countries (accused of being prime polluters) to bear the heavier financial burden of keeping Earth from heating over two degrees Celsius, a debt the U.S. has stoutly denied that it owes developing nations. However, both India and China seem to be aware of how crucial it is for them to develop at a fast clip, but sustainably. ...more

A Year After Mumbai Attacks, Public Scrutiny Exposes Systemic Failures

In the build up to President Obama's first state dinner, news anchors wondered in awe and glee what new surprises --- like the now-immortalized Princess Diana-John Travolta twirl --- the occasion would throw up. Given that their guests were the India Prime Minister and his wife, I didn't expect another dance surprise. ...more

...coming from a Mumbaikar, Nita. Thanks and good to see you here again. I'm a lot like you ...more

"All these brave young men noticed that there was a braver girl. And this is dangerous"

First they called her "that girl". Then, "madam". Eventually, they referred to her as "sir." ...more

Thanks for sharing. It is a wonderful story and a great example for women around the world. ...more

The pain of being Pakistan: An update on the terror war's third front

Much as we would like to believe that the long-drawn West Asian wars will end soon, the fact is that the U.S. now has a third front to its war on terror: Pakistan. And the Pakistan front is likely to be open for a long time. As a Taliban spokesperson reportedly said: "We are prepared for a long war." ...more

Well, the mistrust in the sub-continent is now new, mow is it???? IT's been since the ...more

Western expats blog Eastern experience

The "immigrant experience"  is a phrase I usually associate with the U.S., what with people from across the world streaming in here everyday. A travelogue is what I'd associate with literature by foreigners from India. But the blogosphere is telling a different story. Many American and other Western citizens, who have either got on the love train or are riding the global economy wave that took them to India or simply love living there, are blogging about their experiences in a personal way that travel guides are unlikely to offer. Some are there for a few years. ...more

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India's monsoon disaster and climate change

[Updated to add below new related links to stories about India and climate change]...more

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Gay couples join fasting tradition

It has been an eventful year for sexual minorities in India. After successfully challenging in the Delhi High Court a Colonial-era law that criminalizes homosexuality, the community cleared another hurdle last month when the Central Government declined to take a stand on the issue and left it up to the Supreme Court (which is hearing a challenge to the high court ruling) to decide. ...more

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From your travels to India (you have a nice blog!) ...more

Disaster zone: Quakes, tsunami, flooding devastate Pacific region

A series of powerful deep sea earthquakes , tsunami, typhoons and floods in the Pacific region on Tuesday and Wednesday have left behind scenes of devastation and death, bringing back fears and memories of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. ...more

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Why does urban India still need no-men zones?

Talk to any Indian woman about travel and transportation in India, and she will have a story to tell; of cat-calls, bottom pinches, lewd gestures and remarks, molestation -- everything that can make living or traveling by yourself feel like a risky enterprise. More so in urban centers, where more and more women are working and living alone. ...more

Megan, that's exactly what I meant when I said for many men, women's emancipation has meant ...more