New Year's Resolutions: My Family's Story of Torture

In two days on Christmas 2012 I'll be at my moms house. Me and my family will do the customary exchange of gifts, eat a fabulous dinner and finish with dessert: left over cookies and cakes served the night before at my cousins house. Everyone is relaxed. The stress of shopping, wrapping, hiding presents is over. After two days of celebrating Christmas Eve and Day, we're all kind of talked out. I have the kind of family that can endure silence. Small talk. We watch the kids play with there presents which tire us out. Round two of eating commences....more

The Fiscal Cliff and Children: A Love Story

I don't know about you but I am going to blow a gasket if I hear the term "fiscal cliff" one more time.  I've blown gaskets before and they are not pretty sights.  In my humble opinion, our Congress and our President are behaving worse than my own kids fighting over a toy and believe me that is not a pretty sight either.  I've become an economist by osmosis just by listening to all the major media outlets.  As a mother I want so badly to intervene among the two of them.  I'm all for checks and balances but this is getting absurd.  What the President and the Con...more

A Letter from the Grinchess