Friday Reads

Educators all over Oregon are pleased at the prospect that ex-gov. Kitz's education board is about to go by the wayside._____ ...more

Abuse of Teachers is a National Scandal

Well, at least one well-known outfit is finally recognizing it for the scandal it is.Bullying is horrible enough, but administrators do it because they can. It all depends on the district and how ethical their legal departments are.If they are like Washoe County School District, they force teachers out in order to force a lawsuit or a severance package deal. They are of the mentality that since it isn't their money, they can waste taxpayer money any way they please.There are some school districts that do follow the law, albeit not too many, but that is only with the knowledge they are supposed to be wise stewards of taxpayer money.The terminations are bad enough, but the financial devastation, which can last the remainder of a dumped teacher's life, is much worse.You never, ever heal from the experience.The biggest reasons bullying and other tactics by administrators against teachers go on are because administrators are not closely supervised, and they are backed to the hilt by school districts ....more

Obituary: Happy Rockefeller

Happy Rockefeller, 88, widow of former vice-president Nelson Rockefeller, has died.She and Rocky were both divorced when they married in 1963, but let me tell you, when he tried to run for the top job, the "scandal" of two divorced people getting married basically killed his chances. I guess both of them ditched their spouses and married in haste, or something.As the article notes, Ronald Reagan is the only president ever to have been divorced, despite divorce being seen as no big deal by the public anymore.Of course, Happy and Rocky remained married until he died, and he was appointed vice-president of the United States by appointed president Gerald R. Ford ....more

Wednesday Etc.

But it's okay because the rich must have more._____ ...more

Washoe County School District Gossip

In order to follow the Open Meeting Law or something, the Board of Trustees is asking for public input on selecting a permanent superintendent despite the fact the Board has already made up its collective mind.They don't dare not appoint interim superintendent Traci Davis; she has already been slapped in the face twice by that Board.I love this: Community members will soon be asked which traits they want in a new superintendent to run Washoe County public schools, but they won't be questioned about the elephant in the room:Should the Washoe County School Board open the superintendent position to applicants or simply hire someone they have in mind?"There's a part of me interested in seeing the community's perspective" on a superintendent search, said board member Veronica Frenkel, who joined other board members Tuesday in unanimously approving a community survey that omits the overarching question.The topic is controversial because a contingent of board members — namely Howard Rosenberg and Lisa Ruggerio — has led the charge in recent months to permanently appoint interim Superintendent Traci Davis without considering other applicants or advertising the position for hire. Of course it's all a formality ....more

Tuesday Reads

Shit, what a stupid assed author and article.Since I read nonfiction almost exclusively, my interests in a subject is why drives my acquisitions, not the sex of the writer.As one commenter noted following the article, many authors (mostly fiction) don't use their real names anyway._____ ...more

Things That Go Splat on the Valley Floor

Enough is fucking enough glorifying a self-absorbed idiot or idiots who finally got killed after breaking the goddamned law.One of Potter's "friends" is on CNN talking about what a great man this idiot was.Well, he and the likes of Steve Irwin deserved exactly what they got. They didn't care about the feelings about other people, especially the searchers/rescuers or their families, or about the inherent risks of the wild--no, it was all about the goddamned adrenaline rush.Potter shouldn't be glamorized and neither his stupid "sport," which is nothing but a form of suicide anyway ....more

Monday Misc.

This is a nice appreciation of the late bluesman B.B. King._____ ...more

Maybe It's Nature's Way to "Cull the Herd"

It's another day, another idiot or two who die doing stupid things and forcing other people to clean the mess that was once their human bodies.I find nothing impressive about these "extreme athletes" who do more and more reckless things in order to get some notoriety or some kind of rush or bragging rights or perhaps all three.They are like that overrated idiot Steve Irwin who messed with animals once too many times and got what he deserved. Potter, 43, was a pioneer in an intersection of extreme sports that includes rock climbing and skydiving.Potter and Hunt, 29, crashed late on Saturday after leaping from a 7,500ft (2,300m) promontory called Taft Point, park ranger Scott Gediman said.A friend called Yosemite search and rescue on Saturday night, when the pair failed to return from their jump. Their bodies were not recovered until Sunday morning, with the assistance of park rangers and a California highway patrol helicopter ....more