Oregon Gubernatorial Debate

in Medford between incumbent John Kitzhaber and challenger Dennis Richardson is tonight at 7 p.m. PDT. Earlier, Kitzhaber made an appearance at the Jackson County Democratic Party headquarters talking about how important it was to get out the vote and answered a few questions from the small group. He answered questions about the GMO ballot measure (he supports it), the marijuana measure (he's against it), and health care issues in general ....more

Six Going on Seven Years

that I have been unemployed and underemployed, and it looks like I have lots and lots of company.There's no fucking relief in sight in my case. The conventional wisdom that more education bears fruit in the labor market gets turned on its head when it comes to unemployment. For people with masters and even doctoral degrees, long-term unemployment is especially insidious ....more

Get Fired for Protecting Kids From Bullying, but KEEP Your Job if You ARE a Bully

and encouraging bullying by students at students who "misbehave."This teacher apparently had been doing this humiliation for two years. Despite many complaints, the district did nothing about it. Only when somebody filmed this garbage was "anything" done, and the teacher still got away with it ....more

News, Etc.

The cost of campaigns has gotten progressively worse over the years, especially since the USSC has legalized wholesale bribery: Some in Congress, Democrats in the main, have called for a constitutional amendment to undo the Citizens United ruling, a proposal that would seem to be a nonstarter in the current political climate. Others are left yearning for another Watergate — a juicy scandal to shake things up and perhaps, as in the past, become a catalyst for change. Martin T ....more

Amazon Is Just Like Walmart

Undercut prices at first, and then jack prices up when the competition is gone. Worse still is the whole idea of "eBooks," which is nothing more than downloading for rent rather than owning a hard copy. People flocked to that thing for the convenience not realizing the convenience is an inferior experience, not to mention you don't own one goddamned thing you download.John Grisham was right when he said that the aim of Bezos was to destroy publishing houses, and you know what this ultimately means ....more

The Circus Resumes in Phoenix

Tomorrow resumes the circus down in Maricopa County, as a jury will hear evidence and decide whether or not to put convicted killer Jodi Arias despite the fact the state had absolutely no case for premeditation.The difference between other cases and this one is other cases didn't have a demented group of Mormon cultists seize and control the narrative of the case beginning with the repugnant 2009 "report" by Maureen Maher that aired on "48 Hours." She and her producer should have been FIRED for their slanted, utterly ridiculous report. Having watched the live stream of the trial, not read FB or Twitter or the filthy HLN "coverage" of the trial, I went from believing Arias committed second-degree murder to believing she should have been acquitted. The state had NO case whatsoever to prove premeditation--it was laughably weak--and there were many, many instances of misconduct by the prosecution ....more

It's Been a Year

since the tragic shootings at my old workplace, Sparks Middle School in Nevada, and there have been many changes since that time.One thing I am glad hasn't been changed is the name of the school. There was a lot of talk following the incident of naming it after the teacher who was murdered in the shootings, Michael Landsberry, but I hope that idea has been shelved. The reason is it is almost in bad taste to rename a school after a teacher who died there ....more


Entertainer Tim Hauser, 72, best remembered as being a member of the group the Manhattan Transfer, of cardiac arrest: Begun in 1972 when Mr. Hauser was making ends meet as a New York City cabdriver, the Manhattan Transfer became known for its jazzy treatment of a wide spectrum of musical styles, from gospel and swing to doo-wop, pop and rhythm and blues; for stylish and sophisticated arrangements; and for a razzle-dazzle stage presence featuring slick costuming and arch choreography.The group’s wide repertoire embraced different eras. It included Louis Armstrong numbers from the first half of the 20th century; “Tuxedo Junction,” which had been a hit for Glenn Miller in 1940; “Route 66,” Bobby Troup’s 1946 paean to the great American highway, which had been covered by Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry and others; the gospel tune “Operator,” recorded by the Friendly Brothers in 1959; the Rascals’ 1967 pop hit “Groovin’ ”; and soul songs like “The Boy From New York City,” a remake of a 1965 hit by the Ad Libs that was the group’s only Top 10 single ....more

News, Etc.

I will definitely take a look at Paul Street's new book about the power the elites have over everybody else called They Rule.The WSWS talks about this horrible state of affairs here._____ ...more

News, Etc.

Kitz needs to dump the gold digger and start anew.______ ...more