They Do It Because They Can

It doesn't matter if a teacher is a great teacher and won a bunch of awards; in fact, winning awards is almost a surefire kiss of death to a teaching career.Teachers like this one get suspended or fired in the district's hope it will pay them to go away because school districts can do it. It all depends on the district and how they see the use of the legal system. Does a district operate on the belief that they are wise stewards of taxpayer money and use the legal system after all other options have been exhausted? ...more

Tuesday Miscellaneous

I removed the BlogHer ads from the site per the notification it was not renewing my contract. I was right when I wrote that it was bought out by somebody, and their slant is clearly on "women's page" type of blogs, certainly not my type of blog which tends to go for more general topics rather than a niche. The company, SheKnowsMedia, took over ownership of BlogHer last November ....more


A few obituaries to note:Actor Dick van Patten, 86 (!), best remembered for his starring in the 1970s television series Eight Is Enough, has died. The series was based on the writings of journalist Tom Braden (Braden could be seen on television programs like 60 Minutes giving his take on world events), who had more kids than most people could afford. People didn't bitch about it back then the way they would bitch about the Duggars when they had more than twice as many ....more

It Is Because of Sexism

That is the reason there is an obsession with thinness in our culture, and almost all of it is directed at women."Obesity" has very little to do with consumption of food and everything to do with hormonal changes that happen to women as they approach or exceed 50. Thyroids get shot to shit, lack of estrogen forces the fat to migrate from the hips and thighs to the waist, regardless of how active a woman is. But women are relentlessly hit with this thinness crap because women who are "heavier" are not attractive to (most) men, regardless of how shitty most men look ....more

Hiking Up Upper Table Rock

Did this yesterday. I haven't posted much in the way of pictures on this blog ....more

Monday Miscellanous

Not that the United States Supreme Court has any credibility anymore especially since the Bush v. Gore ruling, but there are a few decisions the court decided to take its sweet time on and save until they have the chance to get out of D.C. when people get outraged.Obamacare and same-sex marriage are the biggies._____ ...more

On This First Day of Summer (Reads)

I think it is way too soon to write off the neolibs who have poisoned the Democratic Party brand: But while the ultimate fate of the TPP is still unclear, there’s one element of this ongoing fight within the Democratic Party that you should expect to see more of in the years to come. It’s not the rise of a more combative labor movement, though that’s certainly part of it. And it’s not the decline of the party’s neoliberal wing, though that’s happening, too ....more

Etc. for Saturday

Why do these fake "Democrats" hate working people so much?______ ...more

What I Am Currently Reading

Since I seriously doubt I will be working any kind of summer job, I have to make the money stretch out far. I am hoping that my hours at my current district increase next year, but there is no guarantee that is going to happen.I desperately need dental work. Another tooth started chipping away today while I was eating a bacon and cheeseburger ....more

Friday Whatever

According to this, I should live to a ripe old age, bad teeth and ...more