News Roundup or Whatever

It appears Joan Rivers is suffering from health problems._____Burning Man resumed its celebration or whatever the hell it is on the Black Rock Desert playa, but somebody ended up in a fatal accident involving a moving bus._____The animal rights crazies prematurely celebrated a "victory" in the recent Oregon court decision because it really wasn't about conferring "rights" on animals. Animals can be victimized, of course, but they don't have "personhood" status._____Having read Neile McQueen Toffel's memoir about life with her first husband, actor Steve McQueen, I am not surprised about this article at all._____ ...more

Washoe County School District Gossip: Make Changes--Or Else

It appears WCSD, already wallowing in the muck with lawsuits and illegal actions by the Board, is in trouble with the Nevada department of education over special education violations.It may risk funding if it doesn't clean up its act.Snip: The Washoe County School District must make immediate changes involving the education of children with special needs or risk losing funding, according to a letter from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga.The state recently told the district it has until next Friday to submit a plan to make corrections on how it handles Individual Education Programs, which are federally mandated plans created for children with special needs.The letter follows the district's failure to make all the corrections the state told the district to make a year ago. That's when a June 4, 2013 complaint found school officials did not implement all of the services outlined in the IEP of Larry Dailey's daughter ....more

Technical Difficulties Today

My brother's computer went apeshit this afternoon. Some virus or malware or something caused the computer screen to turn upside down, making it look like Hebrew or something.After a few hours of tech support from Microsoft, the problem is now fixed.He has a very old computer, some 11 years old, yet I believe this is the first time he has ever had anything go wrong on it.Now if I can just get enough money to get Windows 7 with upgrade capability so I can get my own computer worked on, I'd be set ....more

Somebody Should Stick a Pacifier in His Mouth

Some whiny shit by the dumped WCSD police chief showing to the public Pedro Martinez was justified in kicking him to the curb."I'm owed a job, I've been here 20 years, I love my job, I have never had a bad evaluation." "We will know the truth." All self-serving, delusional bullshit.He's also not being honest about PERS. Big deal if he was about to hit a "milestone" in serving 20 years. He can still get PERS, add to his pension working at another public sector job in Nevada, or retire early ....more

Frivolous Lawsuit Filed Against Washoe County School District

Pure calculation on the part of the former police chief in order to try and get his old job back.I wrote this regarding the frivolous case:You were legitimately let go, Mike. You were not entitled to a lifetime job. What a perversion of the legal system with this frivolous lawsuit ....more

It Shouldn't Exist

Since there is NO teacher shortage anywhere in the country, TFA should not exist, let alone the federal government be involved with it in any way whatsoever.There should be a moratorium on applicants to teacher education programs. When you have as many applicants chasing so few jobs as Seattle did five years ago, and things haven't changed at all, you don't NEED to be recruiting outside of teaching for teachers.The big problem is with distribution of qualified teachers and licensure laws making it damned near impossible in some states for out-of-state teachers to become certified.All TFA is comes down to union busting ....more

Only if the Board of Trustees Resigns

You can watch the Washoe County School District Board of Trustee meetings on its YouTube channel.The Board unanimously approved the 25k settlement proposal that will be negotiated with Superintendent Pedro Martinez and his attorney at a mediation hearing set for next month.He should tell the Board he will approve it when they resign ....more

Do You Think ANY WCSD Employee Would EVER Report "Wrongdoing"?

Talk about being naive or wanting to retaliate if it is an administrator who is engaging in the wrongdoing:REPORT FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSEThe Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline is available to anyone needing to confidentially report abuse and/or dishonesty. We encourage you to use the hotline to report any issues of suspicious behavior or concern. It's simple: Call 775-325-2020 Email Visit 425 East 9th Street, Reno, Room A215B Or Select a concern form listed below in English or Spanish and either email it to us or send by US Mail ....more

News and Obits and News About Big S**ts

The good die young: This obituary reports that the head of one of the leading cancers in higher education, John Sperling, the founder of the degree mill called the University of Phoenix, has died. He was a mere 93 years old.He was a clever guy who found a way to milk the federal government via Pell Grants and other ways in order to line his pockets. Sperling founded the Institute for Professional Development in 1972, followed by the University of Phoenix, a degree program aimed at working adults, in 1978 ....more

Ed Etc.

A few Houston teachers are saying to hell with it and leaving town for greener pastures.Probably like North Carolina or Florida._____No matter what evaluation scheme is put in by a school district or a state, the principal still has all the power and no accountability. In many areas of the country, principals have unions, which should be illegal since they are management, NOT teachers. Until the obvious is dealt with, nothing is going to happen to improve the school workplace._____ ...more