My Current Reads Reviews

Here are a couple of my current reads, and I will review them now since I am on the "homestretch" of finishing them.Jack Benny by Mary Livingstone Benny, Hillard Marks, et al. (1978). In my view, Jack Benny was the greatest comedian of all time, a man who practically invented stand-up comedy while in vaudeville and the situation comedy when he was on radio ....more

Wednesday Reads

NYC may be a microcosm of what is happening in the rest of the country, but perhaps more so because of all of the billionaires who live there. They don't like their ill-gotten way of life threatened at all._____ ...more

Eat the Rich

One of the great mysteries of the 20th century was the 1961 disappearance and presumed death of Nelson Rockefeller's son, Michael, in New Guinea. The 23-year-old was believed to have drowned when his canoe capsized. An anthropologist who accompanied him on the journey managed to survive but Michael presumably did not ....more

Book Review Briefs

The Raging Sea by Dennis Powers (2004). Terrific, terrific book about the destruction of Crescent City, California, in the aftermath of the 1964 Anchorage, Alaska, earthquake. Powers explains just why it is that a town literally hundreds of miles away from the earthquake center was and is so susceptible to tsunamis ....more

Tuesday Miscellany

It looks like the elites in this country are worried about the "riffraff" of everybody else, so we now have media trying to tell us torture is perfectly okay._____ ...more

Obituary: Joe Cocker

I feel just a little bit older today having heard of the death of rock singer Joe Cocker, who was 70 years old and lost his battle with cancer.Cocker was an acquired taste for some, what with his gravelly voice, spastic movements, and greasy appearance, but a lot of people loved him just the same.He had a number of major hits, including his cover of the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends," "Feeling All Right," and "You Are So Beautiful." He was everywhere during the late 1960s in through the 1970s and beyond.From the Woodstock concert: ...more

Etc. For Monday

My own feeling is people are making political hay out of a senseless tragedy regarding those two killed NYPD officers.I am really sick of the politicizing of tragedies._____ ...more

A Few More Book Review Briefs

The Memory of All That: Love and Politics in New York, Hollywood, and Paris by Betsy Blair (2002). Blair, who died in 2009, penned--and she did actually pen this memoir herself and didn't bother with a hired writer--this highly regarded story of her earlier life. The reason she didn't go beyond the early 1960s in her story is she had met her second husband, and she felt her happy life with him would be too boring to recount, so she quit in around '62 or '63 ....more


Mandy Rice-Davies, 70, the woman at the center of a notorious UK sex scandal, has died after a short battle with cancer. Linked article isn't actually an obituary butwritten by somebody who knew her well._____Televsion producer Arthur Gardner has died. He merits inclusion here not just for his achievements in producing shows such as The Rifleman and The Big Valley, but also for managing to achieve being included in the exclusive club of people who have lived past 100 years of age ....more

Ed Etc.

Teaching is the only profession I know that people outside of the field think they should tell those who do the job how to do their jobs.Let's face the reality that a lot of the criticism leveled at teachers is sexist bullshit pure and simple. You will even hear this crap from women in other fields who think they are so fucking superior to those who work in the vital careers like this one but are female-dominated.The arrogance absolutely makes me puke._____ ...more