Photos From a Ghost Hunt: Orbs or Sensor Dust? You Decide.

After much planning and one freak October snowstorm we finally made it to our Ghost Hunt tour with the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia folks....more
i was at the park at christmas time with my family. it was at night and we were the only people ...more

Learning to Drive with the Soapbox Girl (Lesson 3)

Hey! Remember me? Yeah, I know a week has passed since I last studied for the driver test. I got caught up working on a project then just decided to be lazy. This almost-40-year-old will not learn to drive if she doesn’t read the driver manual so off we go.   I Could Be Tested On   I had a good chuckle reading the list of things I might be tested on. They are as follows. ...more

Learning to Drive with the Soapbox Girl (Lessons 1 & 2)

Lesson #1  It helps to have a current driver's manual. The manual I had on hand was from 2007. Now that I've rectified that particular problem study sessions begin tomorrow. Thinking caps are optional. :-) ________________________  ...more

365 Days of Carol Anne (Learning to Drive Edition)

Day 192  My eyebrows are growing back in :-) ...more

365 Days of Carol Anne (An Amazing Moment of Patriotism)

Day 190  Seriously. Can you believe we're 190 days in to this year? Unbelievable....more

365 Days of Carol Anne (Adventures in Dermatology — The Full Body Exam Explained)

Day 189 This is my relieved face ...more