#BlogHer14 - An Alcoholic Perspective

VictoriaCarn Thank you so much, Victoria! I could not agree more. WOW, six years is amazing!! ...more

Addicts Are Not Human

When I was a little girl, not unlike other kids, I had a dream about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some kids wanted to become doctors or teachers, and some of my friends just wanted to be princesses.I had big dreams myself, and was determined to become a raging alcoholic. The thought of being completely dependent upon a drink to function was almost as intriguing as the countless opportunities to burn the bridges connecting me to those I loved. I couldn’t wait for the chance to devalue and degrade myself, all the while searching for new and interesting ways to self-destruct....more
Well said and thank you.  I wish everyone would demand nothing of Lindsey, and she just goes to ...more