Changing the World

The pressure of division - moms at home, moms that work, whole food eaters, fast food eaters, natural birth, hospital birth, vaccination, non vaccination, race, ethnicity, sexuality, political differences....more

It's Easier Than You Think...

DIY that is. I love it. I really find so much joy and fulfillment in having created something. Whether just for aesthetics or for practical use. You might wonder how I get it done without more hours in the day, right? I mean there's so much to do in raising Baby Boy, taking care of the house, cooking, and being there for Hun. I know many of you have the same issues, not enough time....more

Quiet Busy Mornings, Loud Busy Afternoons, In Between Evenings, & Smooshed Nights

That's what a life in the day of this stay-at-home mother is like - quiet busy mornings, loud busy afternoons, in between evenings, and smooshed nights!My Quiet Busy Mornings go like this:...more


Today I'm launching a new look for the blog! Complete with a new Wordpress template, widgets moved around a bit, a feature picture of me, affiliate program participation, and new logos!...more

2015 Word of the Year

I know I'm just a bit late in posting about my word of the year from 2014 and the new pick for 2015. Excuse my mess, that's all I ask. I've been busy with the hosting and the settling into our new place and Hun being off work for a little while over the holidays and the figuring out of goals and all sorts of things. You know, just life stuff.Either way, I'm finally ready to get to the word posting bit. Aren't you excited for me? No. Well, I'm excited for me and so I'm sharing....more

The Presence of Absence - Book Review

The Presence of Absence is a very philosophical book, filled with many references to other religious philosophers, seekers for a God experience, for the speakings and healing from God.Doris Grumbach's first experience, the one which began her journey to seek and more fully understand God, happened in her early days of motherhood. ...more

December's Review

December was really something for us. We tried to get most things done in the house before family arrived for Christmas. Unfortunately, we didn't finish, but at least I got the main spaces cleared of dust and random debris, literally as they pulled into the driveway....more

My Current State of Motherhood

Often, I think I don't know what I'm doing. Who knows if I'll ever know what I'm doing. Today though. Today I think I'm doing ok as a mother overall....more

2014 Favorite Posts

This last year has certainly been a rough one for us in different ways. It's also been a very good year in other ways. Aren't all years pretty much like that? Well in my world, that's usually the case - some good, some not so good, maybe some bad, but usually good to have had either way.We started off the year unsure what exactly would be happening for us. A few short weeks later, my dad went in the ICU. Baby Boy and I left Hun at home and went down to care for him for a few months....more

Wellness Update #22 + 31 Days of Photography + A Giveaway

This week has been relatively quiet for us. We've done some packing and playing, but mostly just hanging out together at home. I've once again gotten back into a bit of a groove in taking my vitamins and probiotics every day. This is especially good since I've been pretty inconsistent over the last couple of months. My water intake is better, too. I'm happy about that. I love water, but for whatever reason my intake has floundered from time to time in the last couple months, too. Nonetheless, these are both things I'm happy about....more