My sister had planned to visit me this weekend, but the weather got in the way. Don't get me wrong: we're both really happy to see California get a little rain -- but we're both smart enough to know that driving on wet roads in this state can be treacherous, especially during the first storm after months and months of hot and dry weather, which tends to make the asphalt all the more slippery....more

"MOM" Is the Show Allison Janney's Been Waiting for Her Whole Career

I was intrigued by the premise -- Faris plays a newly sober single mother, and Janney is her recovering addict mother -- so I welcomed the chance to watch the duo rehearse some (very funny!) scenes and then talk about this unconventional comedy, which premieres tonight. ...more
I watched the pilot a couple of days ago and thought it was cute but it didn't completely grow ...more

At the Women's Conference: "The Supremes" (Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

This year’s California Women’s Conference was full of newsmakers and made some news of its own. But while Meg Whitman, Michelle Obama and Oprah were the speakers that made it to our local newscasts, the session I most looked forward to seeing was the conversation between the country’s first two women on the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. ...more

I think this would have been so interesting to actually sit in on, in person. Thanks for doing ...more

Meghan and Cindy McCain on Hate Campaigns, Sexism in Politics, and the Tea Party

At the California Women’s Conference last night, Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan and wife Cindy held a freewheeling conversation about the current state of politics in this country, and the need to get more women involved, especially younger women. ...more

Claiming that motherhood gives superior insight to the things that are currently dominated by ...more

Top Ten Gifts for Hanukkah

When the editors at BlogHer asked me to put together a gift guide for Hanukkah, I was a little taken aback. After all, my child’s Hanukkah list probably looks a lot like any other kid’s wish list. She wants the same toys, books and electronics as her friends, and has the same clothing needs. As for me, I think jewelry is an appropriate gift for any holiday. ...more
I'm so glad you included a link to my list of Modern Menorahs on If It's Hip, It's Here, but ...more