2012 college study

Growing up parents teach their children that education is very important to succeed. Dreams are told they can be reached with the right education. Some parents preach to their children that 4-year undergrad and more are the doors to success. Some parents are just happy to see their children go to any college, technical colleges. The question becomes which college leaves a person with more success? The real question should be which college degree is more successful to have during hard times? ...more

Teaching my child to clean properly

Has anyone ever noticed that there are some people who can clean and there are others who can really clean? I am a person who can clean. When it comes to washing the dishes, dusting and polishing, sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing down toilets, I can do it all. The grimy work, both of my parents taught me how to do. ...more



Knowing my representatives is important and I find that it is always the perspective of each individual that creates the platforms for the political representatives. ...more

credit watch

relationship helpful hints

I don't know about others but sometimes I enjoy arguing with my husband, I sometimes create an argument when I know that everything is going well. I know there are many women who do! It is a test of sorts to make sure the husband is listening, learning, or giving attention. I am not saying that this is a good thing to do but I always pick something small that bothers me sometimes. I do it at times when we are content (and usually during a long car ride where he can not escape) with how our relationship is going....more

working out part II

I’m ready to run in your pants vs. I look like a hobo on the goAnyone ever notice that there are two types of people that go to the gym? Dressing to Impress and In and Out. Let us be honest, the main reasons for going to the gym are to gain the sense of health for our body and being accepted. I do not care if the person is 18 or 55. The reasons are one of the two mentioned above. The reasons show through the exterior of each individual....more

working out


Anger was the first thing that set in, then sadness and frustration, and finally acceptance for the scam. I know that I have been fooled. Thoughts of revenge originally set in, IP address, reverse information look up, flooding emails, and etc. came running through my mind....more

question of the day

I have a question for everyone who reads this blog today. How often do you think of someone else and follow through with being kind to that person, in one day?  ...more
@socialbloom I think it is important for both and I think we show kindness in different ways ...more