Cuttin' Ma Herr

So I just went cri-zazy and cut off all my hair this myself. And it turned out awesome, thank goodness!Some of us adjust to the throes of midlife by working out. Others eat. Some take art classes, get a lover, buy a new car. I just got fed up and chopped off all my hair because of this conversation:Me: "Hey honey, I think I'm going to call Kelly and see if she can work me in for a hair cut today."Him: "Really? How much did you spend at the grocery store yesterday?"...more
I'm not brave enough to cut my own hair but will color it to save money. I bet it looks rockin'!more

A New Home For Our Homeless Neighbors

Last week I blogged about a recent string of murders in my community. The victims were all homeless men....more

Dance As If No One Is Watching

Tonight I watched my daughter perform a dance with 30 others that she choreographed. People cheered, many stopped what they were doing to watch, some videotaped it. She posted it on YouTube and Facebook, and so many have already commented positively about how amazing the dance is. Did I mention, she is 15 years old? Did I mention that she is a paid choreographer and dance teacher? What makes this young woman amazing is not her talent, nor her expertise. What makes this young woman amazing is her courage. She dances full out "as if no one is watching". She dances and lives in the moment....more
Wow, what a great thing to be able to shout!! I love hearing great stories about kids who are ...more

Feeling Duh?

So, I have had my requisite 2 cups of coffee. I have done my requisite 30 minutes of yoga--ok, 3 minutes. She was going way too fast! I have eaten breakfast. I've had my morning vitamins and medicines. So why do I feel so "duh"?...more
wine. wine. wine. No, I didn't forget any h's.more

Ethics and the Homeless

"Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel. Luckily." -- U2, "City of Blinding Lights" ...more


"Grace makes beauty out of ugly things." Grace, U2Do we show grace to those closest to us? My husband, my children, their boyfriends, my siblings, much grace can one person dish out? Seriously folks.When we lavish others with grace, we overlook their annoying habits. We forgive transgressions. We forgive perceived slights. We don't care how loud, drunk, bitchy or messy they are. We just love....more

First Blog, New Year...So Much Pressure!

Goodbye 2011, you were one giant suckfest!Hello 2012. I'm both excited and apprehensive to meet you. What will you mean to us? Are you going to be more green, more newsworthy, more socially conscious than 2011? Are you going to be a crazy hipster or a low-key observer? Well, I'm ready to hook up with you no matter what. Let's do this! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!Luv,The Social Mommenator <a href=""><img title="" src="" alt=" Logo"></a>...more
The perfect way to start of the New Year! Welcome! Blogher is a wonderful community from hipster ...more